Donald Trump’s spot-on compliment for Kamala Harris


( CNN) In an interrogation Thursday with The New York Times, President Donald Trump was asked whether there was anyone in the rapidly forming 2020 Democratic orbit who he speculated are to be able to his toughest opponent.

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He’s right — even though he enunciated Harris’ first name incorrect.( It’s enunciated “comma-la.”)

Of the early entryways we’ve considered to be in the Democratic race, Harris’ has been the best. Why?

From South Carolina, Harris traveled to her hometown of Oakland, California, where she delivered a traditional campaign kickoff speech in front of a crowd estimated at more than 20,000.( I wrote about the most say strands in her lecture here .) In truth, the big crowd Harris outlined was likely what stirred Trump “re saying he” believed she had the best campaign commencement. “A better crowd — better gang, better ebullience, ” Trump said of Harris in comparison with the other Democrats who have announced their plans to run.

Harris finished her weeklong announcement tour at Drake University in Iowa, where she fielded the questions put by voters — and CNN’s Jake Tapper — in a town hall format. She was at ease and effective — coming across as someone with a broad-spectrum insight on issues but likewise a real person with flaws and challenges of her own.

Harris’ one hiccup of the week came in that town hall when she seemed to go further to its implementation of her support for “Medicare-for-all” than her record suggests. She said “let’s eliminate all of that” in response to the idea of troubles people have in the private policy sell. Her expedition insisted that while she preferred the establishment of a federal public health care marketplace, she still supported other legislative measures aimed at getting the country a little bit closer to full and inexpensive coverage.

Still, seen against the week, that was a minor blip.

Harris was regarded by many political handicappers — including yours truly — as one of the Democrat most likely to be the party’s nominee against Trump in 2020. Everything she did in her announcement rollout proposed that those early appraisals were accurate.

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