Dog assassins are a thing in ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’ and holy crap we can’t wait

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These good sons are ready to help. Likewise, John Wick and Sofia are there .

Image: Lionsgate

The entire John Wick franchise was set into flow by the death of a dog. Now, in John Wick: Section 3 — Parabellum , the canine species lastly gets a shot at revenge.

In footage exposed exclusively at CinemaCon, two Belgian shepherds owned by Sofia( Halle Berry) take an active role in the fight, making down the bad people who would harm Sofia and John( Keanu Reeves ).

The scene opens with the two human executioners in what was like a forlorn, deserted palace, preparing for some dramatic event to come.

Parabellum knows exactly how long we’ve been waiting to see some dogs fuck some shit up.

Then the henchmen arrive and the shooting starts, and Sofia’s bird-dogs spring into action. They race ahead to take down minions for Sofia to shoot. One mauls a guy, transmitting him off the side of a high wall.

At one point, Sofia spots a baddie coming at them from above — so she deflects over and tells one of her dogs springboard off her back, bounce onto that high wall, and onslaught that dude directly.

Mind you, Sofia and John are in the battle as well, furiously running around and shooting at nameless villains in the gracefully choreographed route we’ve come to expect from these films.

At one point, John acquires himself face to face with an enemy, both of them desperately reloading their firearms. John fuels degree space at his face before the baddie even has a chance to say anything, because John Wick is all business.

Still, shape no mistake: Parabellum knows exactly how long we’ve been waiting to see some bird-dogs fuck some shit up. And so does Berry — at the Lionsgate presentation, she praised the series’ “heart, ” pointing to John’s love for his pup as “the sentiment that fastened me in the beginning.”

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to watch to the end of the scene, so I can’t tell ya how the dogs come out of the fight.

But I’m going to assume they’re OK — if only because Lionsgate, of all studios, should know exactly how seriously moviegoing audiences take the well-being of dogs.

John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum arrives May 17.

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