Divers Swim Side-By-Side With One Of World’s Biggest Great White Sharks Ever Recorded

Behold, “the worlds largest” great white shark your eyes might ever ensure.

Divers from One Ocean Diving and Research recently came across this beautiful animal off the beaches of Oahu in Hawaii, The Associated Press reports. Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant spotted the shark on January 15, 2019 , not far from the carcass of a dead sperm whale, which is believed to have attracted the shark along with multiple tiger sharks.

Based on the animal’s unique sizing and markings, they accept the shark is a well-known individual called “Deep Blue”, a notoriously large female great white that’s estimated to be 6.1 to 6.4 meters( 20 to 21 feet) from snout to tail. For now, that ID remains unconfirmed, but the pair are sifting through databases hoping to identify the individual and corroborate their suspicions.


“She looks like she may be pregnant: She’s shockingly wide, ” Ramsey told The Star-Advertiser.

“I’m without words; it’s heartwarming; she’s likely “the worlds largest” gentle great lily-white I’ve ever seen, ” she added.

Despite her hideous size, Ramsey and Oliphant hope to use their peaceful encounter with the shark to shake off the negative post- Jaws public image of sharks, specially great whites.

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An infographic establish the dimensions of the “Deep Blue”. IFLScience

Writing in an Instagram post, Oliphant excuses: “I try hard to supersede anxiety with scientific facts and support a healthy tier of respect for sharks as #ApexPredatorsNotMonsters but not puppies … They are sharks and I cherish and respect them for what they are.”

He’s not wrong, there. There are somewhere around five fatalities from shark attacks worldwide in any yielded average year. As the often touted( although dubious sourced) statistic says, falling coconuts kill more people than that. For comparison’s sake, humans kill approximately 100 million to 273 million sharks every year.

Even so, impeding your cool around a immense piranha is no small-minded accomplishment. Oliphant goes on to explain: “If you are ever approached by a large shark, this is how you want to respond to it, swim away from it gradually to give the shark room in case it is being territory and always remain eye contact, never turn away and act like prey.”

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