Digger driver goes viral after destroying hotel reception in apparent pay dispute


A brand-new Travelodge hotel was damaged after a man drove into the receipt with a digger on Monday .</ figcaption>

Image: Mike Kemp/ In PIctures via Getty Images

Police are appealing for message after footage of a digger destroying the front of a building branded with the Travelodge logo moved viral on Monday afternoon.

The video below, which was shared by Joe Fearon on Twitter, indicates a man in an orange digger rolling up the steps towards the reception province of a brand-new Travelodge in Liverpool, UK.

“That’s what happens when people don’t pay their wages, mate, ” a person can be heard saying as the digger smashes its mode into the building.

In another video taken from a different slant within the inn, the person or persons driving the digger can be heard wailing about money.

“6 00 fucking quid! ” shouts the man. “All you were supposed to do was pay me my fucking PS600! ”

A final video filmed outside the building shown in this operator fleeing the digger and running into the distance.

Merseyside Police confirmed in an online update that they’d received a report of security incidents shortly before 3pm on Monday.

“One man experienced see annoyance due to exposure to diesel and was considered at the vistum by North West Ambulance Service, ” reads the police update. “It is not believed anyone else was injured during the incident.”

Mashable reached out to Travelodge, who said they’re unable to comment as the incident is a live police investigation. They likewise clarified that the site was still not a Travelodge property.

Mashable reached out to a member of the development squad who currently own the place, and will update such articles if we receive a response.

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