Did Kristen Just Reveal Who’s Not Invited To Jax & Brittany’s Wedding? Betches

When Kristen Doute’s nose isn’t late in a mountain of Raquel’s pasta, it’s deeper in other people’s business. Since she lastly reconciled down with a normal person who doesn’t share a “hairs-breadth” straightener with her, her merely storyline on Vanderpump Rules is that she intrudes in the lives of others. So it should come as no surprise to us that Kristen is on Twitter trumpeting who isn’t invited to Jax and Brittany’s wedding.

I saw this tweet and was immediately questionable that anyone, least of all Jax and Brittany, “wouldve been” tell Kristen anything confidential. Nonetheless, there might be some truth to what she is claim, if the Vanderpump Rules adepts’ social media habits signify anything. Yes, I keep tabs on this. No, I don’t have a life. No farther personal questions, please. As of a few weeks or two ago, Kristen actually was following Billie Lee, but she unfollowed her since.( I know this because I had researched it for another section that never came to fruition .) Given that this cast has the psychological maturity of 15-year-olds, Kristen deciding to unfollow Billie Lee likely represents something happened between the two of them. Billie Lee still follows Kristen, though, which could mean that she has no idea Kristen has beef. Or it is unable to signify Billie doesn’t maintain an obsessive directory of who from the VPR threw follows whom.( She’s not better than me !)

What’s perhaps more significant is that Jax also unfollowed Billie Lee recently. We all know Jax is real quick with the unfollow, so presumably something triggered him to do this, even if it was something insignificant and dumb. But Brittany and Billie Lee still follow one another, which I consider has meant that either the objective is cool, or if they’re not, Brittany is not as petty as Jax. Even if Jax does have an issue with Billie, Brittany’s the bride, so she possibly has more of a say in who gets invited to the bridal. Then again, Jax controls Brittany’s every move, sooo … Billie might be excluded from this narrative.

Let’s move on to Raquel and James. Not so surprisingly, Raquel and James don’t follow anyone from the cast and the casting doesn’t follow them back. Last night on WWHL , James admitted that he doesn’t expect to be invited to either Brittany or Lala’s wedding. Makes sense, contributed everything we’ve seen on the demonstrate still further, and I’ve got to respect James for being self-aware and not was seeking to pluck a Kristen.

What is sickening is he said there’s a bigger fortune that he’d be invited to Brittany and Jax’s wedding than to Lala’s. According to James, he and Jax tend to bounce back after ripping on each other and screwing one another over. Credit to James for being the only person in this threw ever to notice that this is literally what eventually is happening in every cast member ever. It’s called the Circle of Life.


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Jax and Brittany have yet to make a formal announcement about who’s invited to their marry. However, I believe Kristen moving the bulletin acquires more sense. Jax saying who isn’t invited to the bridal would just devolve into him going on another tangent about how he has changed SO MUCH and NO ONE ELSE HAS before hawking protein pulverize or an electronic toothbrush. And Brittany is too nice to say anything until she’s left with utterly no choice. So who better than Kristen to put herself into drama that doesn’t concern her and f* ck up people’s lives? None, that’s who.

We’ll have to keep watching and following on social media for more marry developings, but one thing we can be sure of is there’s going to be plenty of drama.

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