Devotion Is a Brilliant VideogameToo Bad You Can’t Play It

As it stands, if you don’t already own Devotion, you can’t play it. The game, developed by the Taiwanese crew Red Candle Games, was greater on Steam. This is perhaps, hopefully, temporary. But at this moment, it’s video games mired in whodunit and controversy, a messy geopolitical situation threatening to overshadow what is also a brilliant videogame.

Devotion, the second play by Red Candle, is a quiet, sad horror competition about a small household, a sick infant, and a religion. Established in Taiwan in the 1980 s, it’s a minimal, focused knowledge, taking place largely inside one small apartment. As the game progresses, the room changes and displacements, opens up and closes off, becomes dense with remembrances and fear. Devotion affords the musician an opportunity to uncover a disturbing but emotionally realistic family history, one inch of suite space at a time.

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