Depression: Where Pain Met Love in Our Marriage

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In the middle-of-the-road of the night, I lay crying out and gasping for breath in the most difficult panic attack I’d ever known. My husband, Rob, turned to me and calmly said, “It’s period for “youve got to” get some help.” Those words were a rope thrown into my pit of depression to begin plucking me to safety.

Depression was a cruel enemy since my early teens. It led to irrational humor swingings. Isolation. Suicidal thoughts and actions. I began to find discretion when I received salvation in Jesus in college, but it never fully left “peoples lives”. Fast-forward to age 30 and the birth of our third progeny, and exhaustion taken together with postpartum “blues” knocked me lower than ever.

God wreaked complete healing through his Word, care, and the hard work of self-care. But he likewise applied my husband in powerful channels I’ll never forget. Rob affection me where I was — I didn’t have to walk the dark street of depression alone .

He dished : For many months I was wearied and drained. The daily activities of caring for three young children was devastating. Rob gave me space to “check out” in the night. He washed millions of bowls and handled showers and bedtime narratives without grumbling. When mommy was no fun at all, he replenished the kids’ days with laugh and trips to the playground. There was no score-keeping while he dedicated much more than he received.

He devoted prayer : Depression is ugly and so was I. He gratified my wrath with gentleness. My withdrawal and distance with perseverance. My rips and negativity with solace and hour after hour of listening ears. As I wallowed in sorrow and self-focus, he chose to stay open. Giving faithful passion when I was the least[ amiable]( and he was tired and deterred himself ), evidenced unyielding empathy and prayer. It divulged God’s heart of forgiveness and compassion like I’d ever known before.

He took charge : On that night of feeling, Rob knew we’d reached our limit. The cost of depression to our family was too high. The hazard of permanent damage to myself, our wedding, and our precious kids’ centers was real. I was too weak to be achieved for help, so he took dominion and insisted on change. Within dates I was in the hands of an excellent therapist who set me on a itinerary to wellness. Rob provided whatever time and corroborate was needed to make sure I was OK.

That season of deep depression called Rob to stop his vows in ways we never imagined on our wed period . He testified his love in sickness and in health. He bided faithful and kind “when hes” “poor” in spirit instead of “rich” in happiness. He prevented his promise to provide and protect me in life, even from myself. Best of all, his maintenance facilitated me to suffer God’s desire in practical, tangible ways.

Lord ,
Thank you for comprising me together when I was falling apart. Through the endowment of my husband, you demonstrated your affection is very and deep. Picture your power and faithfulness to other duos who suffer depression today. In Jesus’ name, Amen .

Colossians 3:12 -1 4

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