Democrats Pick Milwaukee For 2020 Presidential Nominating Convention

The Democratic Party will comprise its 2020 presidential choosing meeting in Milwaukee, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez announced on Monday.

Milwaukee won out over the other two finalist municipalities, Houston and Miami. The DNC ruled out Houston due to a labor spat between the city and its firefighters, according to information sources very well known the two parties body’s considerations. Voters approved a referendum in November yielding firefighters “pay parity” with metropolitan police officer, but Mayor Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, has contested implementing the measure.

The DNC scorned Miami because of logistical concerns, according to the source.

Wisconsin has been the place of pitched political battles over the past decade, but there is a feeling among Democrat that they’ve started to turn a reces in the government. Former Gov. Scott Walker( R) eviscerated labor rights in Wisconsin and fended off Democratic efforts to recall him from role in 2012.

But in the 2018 polls, Democrat Tony Evers demolished Walker, and Tammy Baldwin readily hindered her seat in the Senate. Democrat also won some key special elections in the country.

Choosing Wisconsin as the convention site can also be seen as the Democrats’ way of accepting they need to focus on the nation, which Hillary Clinton lost in the 2016 presidential race.

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