Deadly Police Shooting Backs Up Traffic On 101

well Chris and Krystal I’m standing right here in the middle of the southbound lanes of the 101 near Las Virgenes exit this now as investigators start to look into an officer-involved shooting that happened right here on the freeway and ended with a domestic violence suspect shot and killed as you can imagine and as you said it’s stalled traffic for hours the suspects car is behind me crashed on the side of the freeway this was the end of a pursuit that started Ventura County deputies say after they got called to a home in Camarillo this morning while they were there they say the suspect took off caught on camera the deadly shots fired at the end of an intense standoff CHP en Ventura County deputies faced off with this man they say a domestic violence suspect it was like really scary as hundreds of halted drivers on the 101 watched the drama play out in the middle of the freeway we were afraid because we knew yet he was armed deputies and then CHP had followed the suspect from Camarillo here to the 101 where he crashed just past the Las Virgenes exit witnesses described the suspect as pacing back and forth you can see him in this video hiding behind his car drivers say they heard law enforcement trying to reason with him for nearly half an hour some live stream the negotiations on social media my mom would got out and I told her you should get back in cuz you never know what can happen police were surrounding the car and everyone was back here like just checking out looking looking and listening they say they heard as shots rang out it was scary I mean you know we were kind of you know commenting on the other you know all the people that were out on the freeway there were people getting on the other side taking selfies even after the shots were fired they still stayed you know some of them crouched down deputies have not yet said what led to this shooting whether the suspect fired first were whether he fired at all they will say no officers were hurt they are also adding that this suspect was wanted in another state and considered armed and dangerous at the time of the shooting we are live in Calabasas I’m Laurie Perez CBS 2 News all right

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