Daily Crunch: Apple doubles down on subscriptions

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1. Here’s everything Apple announced at its’ Show Time’ happen

Let’s see if I can get this all into one blurb: There’s the streaming service AppleTV +, the updated TV app with Channels( basically, subscriptions for other services ), a $9.99 subscription for Apple News +( including Extra Crunch) and a gaming subscription work called Apple Arcade.

Oh, and beyond the subscriptions, Apple is working with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard to propel an Apple Card.

2. Uber is $3.1 BN to pick up Middle East rival Careem

After months and months of rumors it has finally been confirmed that ride-hailing giant Uber is picking up its Middle East contender Careem in an buy transaction worth $3.1 billion — with $1.7 billion to be paid in convertible tones and $1.4 billion in cash.

3. McDonald’s is acquiring Dynamic Yield to create a more customized drive-thru

McDonald’s said it will use this technology to create a drive-thru menu that can be tailored to things like the weather, current restaurant traffic and trending menu parts. Formerly you’ve started ordering, the parade can also recommend additional pieces based on what you’ve already chosen.

4. European parliament votes for controversial copyright reform( yes, again )

An amendment that would have shed out the most controversial factor of the copyright reform — a.k.a. Article 13, which stimulates pulpits accountable for copyright violations committed by their customers — was rejected by just five votes.


5. Spotify acquires true violation studio Parcast to expand its original podcast content

Parcast is known best for true-crime and other factual serials in genres like whodunit, science fiction and history.

6. NASA cancels all-female spacewalk because it didn’t have enough spacesuits ready in the right size

On Friday, NASA was planning to conduct its first all-female spacewalk, but recognized it doesn’t have enough spacesuits that are the right sizing for its female astronauts.

7. Huawei declares smart glasses in partnership with Gentle Monster

Huawei is situating the glasses as a sort of earbuds replacement, a machine that lets you talk on the phone without putting anything in your ears. There won’t has become a single prototype, but a collecting of glass with integrated electronics.

Apple Arcade

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