CRYPTO Official Trailer (2019) Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth Movie HD

you if I can where did you find this kid top of his class at Wharton first-round draft pick on Wall Street that’s uncertain to me how high these conspiracies go we’ve made it impossible for a company with revenue exceeding 7 billion to do business with us they’re reassigning you to Elba New York that’s where I grew up I’m an email officer anti money laundering what brings you in today I need to talk to the owner you’re acting like you want to find something wrong here I didn’t like him going to no phone number no email just 10 million in crypto currencies had claimed it was interested but that stuff acre farm today he was offered seven figures when I see things like this I get pretty worried you must know all kinds of things back there in the curtain what we have a serious problem yeah I’m pretty sure the Russian mafia is laundering money through the Omni branch yes I need to get this stuff organized and out there when I found this on the porch hey Dad people are dangerous I warned you but nobody could be prepared for our hours you’re very clever boy [Music] oh I have what’s wrong no let him go you you

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