Conservative Columnist Proposes A Gaslighting Way Trump Could End The Shutdown

Charlie Sykes has come up with a way for President Donald Trump to save face with his conservative base over his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall — and also end the ongoing government shutdown.

“About the only way that I think he’s going to get out of this is for the Democrats to give him a pretend, fake wall and for him to pretend to believe it is a real wall,” Sykes, the editor-in-chief of conservative news website The Bulwark, joked on MSNBC Wednesday.

“And he is, of course, capable of that,” Sykes added.

Sykes later called Trump a “serial fabulist” and suggested Democrats “maneuver him into standing in front of a non-wall and saying ‘Look at my big, beautiful wall, I’m Donald Trump, I built this for you.’”

“Maybe they can make that lack of reality work for them,” he concluded.

Check out the clip above.

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