Colbert: Barrs Testimony Made Me Want to Wring His Neck

” Happy Bill Barr Day, everybody! I got you the traditional gift: a bucket of lies ,” joked Stephen Colbert at the top of his program.

The Late Show host then offered his take on Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary ” grilling” of” man-trying-to-hold-in-his-burp-until-the-elevator-door-opens, William Barr .”

” It was unbelievably frustrating to watch–filled with legalistic hair-splitting and political ass-covering. I’d say it stimulated me want to wring his neck but I’d necessity five more hands ,” said Colbert.

Attorney General Barr was repeatedly questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee over his curious four-page memoranda “summarizing” the Mueller Report, wherein he appeared to let Trump off the hook, contributing the chairman to boast of” complete and total acquittal “– a claim that appears in doubt, if Mueller himself is to be belief.

” Last nighttime, The Washington Post reported that three days after Barr’s four-page summary, Mueller wrote Barr a word complaining that Barr’ did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance’ of Mueller’s work ,” Colbert explained.” Context, nature, and substance. That is … everything . That’s like saying, I really like what you did with this car, except the wheels, the engine, and … the car .”

“Again,” Colbert continued,” Mueller mailed his word of complaint to Barr on March 27, but on April 10, in Senate testimony < em> under expletive , Barr said this .”

Colbert then through to a clip of Barr testifying–under promise:” I don’t know whether Bob Mueller supported my judgment .”

” Yes, you do !” the jester exclaimed, before mimicking Barr:” I don’t know if he genuinely substantiated my judgment. I entail, what is insight? Can we are know anything ?”

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