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Who needs deepfakes when you are able to pass a video at increased rapidity?

An edited clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, altered to make it look like she’s slurring her messages, is constructing the rounds online adhering a Wednesday discussion at a Center for American Progress event.

The news comes by way of the Washington Post , which notes that the only digital trickery required to fool millions of Americans into thinking the Democratic congresswoman was wino in public was to run the video at 75 percent hasten and tweak the slope.

That’s it. No fancy AI or special video editing knowledge were needed. If you just let out a heavy exhale, you’re not alone.

It’s unclear at present who produced the video, but its murky providence isn’t slowing its success. As of this writing, since being shared Wednesday on the right-wing site PoliticsWatchdog’s Facebook page, the manipulated video has been viewed 2 million times.

It’s also surfaced on various Twitter reports and other Facebook pages, where many of those sharing the edited movie pose it as legitimate.

“Nancy is sooo flippin’ drunk … Don’t miss this … Can she be removed for disability, ” read one such tweet.

“She undoubtedly has a substance problem, ” reads another tweet both relation to the video and labelling Donald Trump’s Twitter account. “Too funny not to watch over and over.”

It’s unclear if those sharing the video realize it’s been influenced( and are spreading it anyway) or have simply been moron. While either interpretation is possible, the latter is of greater cause for concern. Pelosi has long been a Republican punching bag and this isn’t the first revised video that manipulates her addres — one posted earlier this month to YouTube, which has since been taken down, clocked over 28 million views, the Post reports.

If all it takes to convince people that the Speaker of the House strays around drunkard in public is a somewhat edited video, then we’re in serious trouble. If social media denizens can’t place this low-tech attempt at political manipulation, there’s not much hope they’ll successfully distinguish more sophisticated efforts in the future.

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