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it’s very important that we’re making this offer and saying come on now let’s negotiate a solution Democrats have made clear they are opposed to the hope from McConnell’s side is this at least gets Democrats to the table let’s reopen the government Mitch do you John Giuliani just throw so much BS out there nobody knows what to believe he sounds like a crazy old on admitting things the White House has steadfastly absolutely trying to get a deal done I don’t think anyone took it all that seriously this is new day with Allison Cammarata and John Berman we want to welcome our viewers in the United States and around the world this is new day it is Tuesday January 22nd six o’clock here in New York and today the Senate is expected to take up president Trump’s proposal to end the longest government shutdown in US history which is now entering day 32 White House officials worked with Senate staff over the weekend to try to hammer out the details but this proposal is called a non-starter by Democrats it is doubtful it will even clinch these 60 votes it needs to advance because Republicans have snuck all sorts of things in the bill that Democrats do not want and as lawmakers remain at this impasse the impact of the shutdown continues to be felt by real people across the country 10% of TSA workers called out on Sunday because they say they cannot afford to come to work and then there’s Rudy Giuliani the president’s lawyer some might say he continued to muddy the waters overnight but really there’s no water just mud he gave a new interview with The New Yorker before getting in the shower the shower being the only part of the interview easy to understand without a decoder ring I think the mayor is now denying the president had discussions about building a Trump Tower in Moscow all the way through the election this after telling several news outlets that he did have those discussions I say I think that’s what Giuliani said because the interview was filled with hedges reversals and internal contradictions you might call it a word salad but only if you put that salad in a Cuisinart the former mayor did say I am afraid it will be on my gravestone Rudy Giuliani he lied for mr. Trump we have it all covered for you including the shower let’s start with seeing as Lauren Fox live on Capitol Hill Lauren well this morning on Capitol Hill John this is a Congress divided you’re gonna see two very different strategies out of the Senate and the house first in the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will put a bill on the floor he’ll introduce the bill today which will look a lot like the president’s proposal that he introduced on Saturday that’s five point seven billion dollars for the border wall as well as temporary protection for daca recipients and those with temporary protected status but we don’t expect it to get enough votes from Democrats it’s just intended to put pressure on Democrats so fast forward to the House of Representatives where Nancy Pelosi is in charge and she will put a series of spending bills on the floor that will include more money for border security but not more money for the president’s of border wall and that’s an important distinction there so you have two chambers doing two completely different things and no one is actually getting in a room and talking as scheduled right now so that’s pretty vast differences and this all comes as folks are really getting hurt you know we’re gonna have a second miss pay period this week and I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record up here but until the president and Pelosi can agree on something don’t expect these messaging bills to get anywhere on the President’s desk John and Alison okay Lauren that is really helpful thank you very much – joining us now to discuss a way out of this if possible is Rachel beige she’s a congressional reporter at Politico Matt Gorman the former communications director at the National Republican Congressional Committee and Joe Lockhart he is the former White House press secretary under President Bill Clinton Rachel I wanna start with you for what Lauren just told us two separate chambers doing two separate things two separate messages two separate bills so I know that you know you’re keeping your ear to the ground of what’s happening in Congress and I know that both sides are feeling pressure from their constituencies so what’s gonna happen to that I think that the president this weekend sort of set up this test for Democratic unity this week yes we have two different chambers doing two different things but what the president did was offer some sort of middle ground and offer Democrats something that they have in the past wanted and that sort Changez or could potentially change the narrative in the next couple weeks in a couple days look I’ve talked to moderate Democrats both Blue Dogs in the house and watch people like Joe Manchin in the Senate to see what he does in the next couple of days on this proposal that Trump put forward you know a lot of these moderate Democrats are hearing complaints back home and they are getting really concerned and they agree with their Democratic leadership that they don’t want to give the president his border wall they don’t want a reward quote bad behavior when they feel like he sort of took the government hostage to get something he wanted but at the same time they’re getting really concerned because they’re getting heat from some constituents and so that’s why you saw Nancy Pelosi come out in the past couple days and say we’re gonna vote on 1 billion dollars in border security in the house she hadn’t done that before now this is not wall money per se but again it just shows the pressure that some of these stems and red districts are feeling right now and I think we’re just gonna have to watch to see do the polls change and show that people are starting to blame Democrats for rejecting a compromise if that is so then we could really see some negotiating in the couple of next couple of days here all right Joe Lockhart what about this either Rachel’s talking about does it exist in how hot I don’t think it’s as hot for Democrats as it is for Republicans but there but there is I mean it’s from a negotiating point of view smart for the Republicans to put something out there to try to put the pressure on Democrats but you have to look at what they put out there and the context where they put it out there they have in one on one handset will extend dreamers for three years but then there’s a poison pen pill in there about making applying for asylum so much more difficult so they knew the Democrats were going to reject this and they put it out there Democrats again the context is important when Democrats were looking at border security last year you know in doing some sort of compromise they didn’t control the house they didn’t control the Senate we hadn’t had the election we had the election Trump made it about the wall the voters went with the Democrats position so to now turn around and say well I’ll give you what I you know what you wanted last year doesn’t make any sense I mean that I thought it was interesting that in the cover of darkness they tried to put in Republicans are putting in these limits yeah on who can seek asylum for how long where how so Central Americans must apply for asylum in their home country and I understand logistically sure that why that would make sense but if you’re being persecuted in your home country that could be complicated to apply for asylum and so did they think the Democrats wouldn’t notice that it’s hard to believe that they’re sincere that this is a sincere offer when those are poison pills is just well I think his vice president pence said this is a negotiation at the starting point as Jim Clyburn leadership in the House is said he’s willing to look at this for permanent status for dreamers and TPS so I think we’re gonna start here Democrats have not put anything forward yet they’re starting to at least a border security but they’re also claiming they’re not going to negotiate over the wall until the government’s reopen so the message doesn’t really match up from what they’re doing so it seems like they’re getting pressure and let’s face I think President Trump for most of this time of the shutdown has been stymied by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer e’s miscalculated this a bit he thought he’s gonna get more leverage with a Democratic Congress certainly not true he thought he’s gonna separate Schumer and Pelosi again not true so at least this is a way to get things moving in the right direction get an offense a little bit if you’re a Republican hey can I get your take on something that Joe has said yesterday and again today which is that this was put up for a vote in the election you were running communications for the Congressional Campaign Committee you have the scars yes to prove it yeah so immigration in your view did it work as an issue for Republicans for congressional races certainly not in some districts you look at districts in South Florida Houston Orange County these were at districts Hillary Clinton one immigration was certainly a part of it and you look at the polling that we had at the end of the cycle certainly wasn’t helpful I think in the Midwest look we made gains in Minnesota I think it might have been helpful but it wasn’t helpful writ large in some of these swing seats and just ask you know John Culberson Carlos corbello or Meeny Walters or young Kim wasn’t helpful in those all former members of Congress never members of class because the immigration issue so so Rachel what about that the the idea that as you know Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have said no negotiating until the government is open we don’t negotiate with you know hostage takers and that you can’t just whenever you don’t get your way shut down the government it doesn’t work is that started to erode our constituents starting to say let’s just start the negotiations constituents in some moderate districts absolutely but I I mean the Democrats bring up a valid point here which is if they give the president what he wants on his border wall what’s to keep him from doing this again next year to fulfill some other campaign promise and then we just have shutdowns galore granite we already have that right now but this is really a test case I think where the president was getting advice from conservatives who were saying shut this down you’ll get a win out of this establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan saying please don’t do this they didn’t want him to do this this is really a test for him to see if he gets something out of this and so in that regard I think you know Democrats really do have a valid point here at the same time if prep if the president were to offer say in the next couple of days a tweaked proposal here where he offered a pathway to citizenship for dreamers in return for the wall – a lot of these sort of conservative policies that he’s currently attached to the proposal then that would really put a lot of pressure on Democrats right now the biggest thing the best thing he can do is look like he’s out there willing to make a bargain and willing to give the Democrats something that they want and remember they shut down the government to try to get protections for dreamers just a year ago so it really does put pressure on them we’re just gonna have to see where it goes let’s listen to Jim Clyburn right now Matt brought this up before Jim Clyburn is the number three member of the House of Representatives I’m gonna read it for you and we’re not gonna hear him now this is this is the House Democratic whip the Majority Whip says we are all for negotiating and we would love to have a permanent fix for docket and TPS just as he wants a permanent wall Joe Lockhart if the president I actually think it’s a you know I’m gonna put it as a hypothetical and then I’m gonna smash the whole thing after your answer here as a hypothetical if the President did say permanent Danka fix permanent fix for TPS then Democrats would they say yes let’s negotiate that’s back to February of last year well listen I think the Democrats desperately want a comprehensive immigration plan and if there is a pathway to citizenship then I think you’ve got a real conversation a real negotiation going on but that’s hypothetical that’s not Trump I don’t think he feels he can he’s you know he has governed from day one from the basis of I’m going to do everything from my base if there’s something I can do for other people but I’m not going to cross my base I don’t see that changing and that’s where I blow up the hypothetical here here’s the sledgehammer here I have a hard time believing based on the fact that this did not pass last year when the Republicans had the house also that he could convince the right of the party and Matt you can weigh in here I you know he already Ann Coulter’s already saying this is amnesty yes right yes soon I imagine that course the Coulter chorus would get even bigger if the President did offer a permanent permanent you know path to citizenship for the dream well I’ll say this if Donald Trump would be willing to offer permanent path to citizenship for daca or something for the dreamers or some Hanan docket it will be enshrined in law no matter who’s president certainly a Democrat I think most Republicans he did allude to over the weekend with that quote amnesty tweet didn’t define what that was but I’ll say the irony of this whole thing is in oh six and 13 the border wall fence those are the type of things would get seventy five eighty five votes in the Senate the really hard stuff was you know unification legal status as we talked about how the window is shifted now how even just the border wall has become radioactive for both parties in such a flashpoint Joe since we’re on day what day is it thirty two hey thirty two of the government shutdown do you think that Democrats should give a little bit on there I mean they had been very unilateral on terms of whatever the word they’d be unequivocal I guess I should say in terms of we’re not gonna negotiate well the government shutdown now that it’s a thirty two should they start these negotiations I think if the president and the Republican leadership put something real on the table you’ll see a negotiation you know so much of this debate is not real I mean look at look the congressman will hurt who is the Republican who has this large border who has said this isn’t a real debate the wall isn’t a real thing it’s a political symbol it’s become a symbol of strength for Donald Trump and his supporters and for Democrats it’s become a moral question what kind of country are we are we going to be a country that builds a great wall around are we gonna be a welcoming country those are hard it’s hard to negotiate those but that one is confusing for me that we have a fence we have border Shore and and by the way and now that the president’s worked his way around to slats what is the difference if right up on that moral point because we’re talking in symbols not in live not in concrete to use the right word it’s it’s Trump what Trump’s vision of what this country is up against what the Democrats vision is and Democrats at this point particularly I keep coming back to it we had an election they won they are not going to succumb to this idea that we’re a country that deals in fear deers in deals in bigotry all of this stuff about rapists and drugs every time Trump goes down that line he fires up his base and the Democrats dig in more and they’re gonna continue to we have to go Rachel but very quickly I’m asking not just for America but my own travel plans will there be a State of the Union address next week I wouldn’t plan on it at this point rafi thank you very much for that Rachel Matt Joe thank you so Rudy Guiliani the president’s TV lawyer he took a shower but not before saying a bunch of things which get to the idea of what the president knew or didn’t know or what he talked about or did today that – that John about the Trump Tower project in Moscow we’re gonna try to understand what Rudy Giuliani said before taking a shower new day brought to you by all right I’m holding in my hand here several pages of weird I can’t stop reading okay this is an interview that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani gave with The New Yorker prior to getting in the shower now I’m hung up on the shower admittedly you are but it’s the only thing that’s clear in this entire interview right it’s the only salient fact that I can take from it before we get to the New Yorker interview I want to sort of frame what’s going on here because Giuliani keeps on changing timelines here about what President Trump knew about the Trump Tower project in Moscow he keeps changing that timeline Maggie Haberman a New York Times reports that Giuliani statements are starting to trouble people she says several people close to mr. Trump have grown exasperated with Giuliani’s public appearances they also expressed concern that he is increasing prosecutors anger with the president and potentially creating a misimpression about the Trump Tower project in Moscow all right and now first of all we’ll bring in our guest yes and then we have a treat for you let’s discuss with John Avlon Joe Lockhart and CNN justice reporter Laura Jarrett I feel that in order to do this justice Laura we must do a dramatic reading for you and the people at home all right I am playing the part of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani I am playing the part of the New Yorker reporter not a stretch for me though I have been practicing this all right here we go Giuliani the president had no conversations I shouldn’t say he had no conversations he had a few conversations about this early stage proposal that he ended somewhere in early 2016 and doesn’t have a recollection of anything else and there was nothing to deport and it’s to support anything else this is a story that is completely exaggerated and made-up the New York Times just made that quote up oh I don’t know if they made it up what I was talking about was if he had those conversations they would not be criminal if he had them but he didn’t have them I didn’t say have the conversations lawyers argue in the alternative if we went to court we would say we don’t have to prove whether it’s true or not because even if it’s true it’s not criminal and that’s why Muller will not charge him with it do you ever worry that this will be your legacy does that ever worry you in any way absolutely I’m afraid of that I afraid it will be on my gravestone Rudy Guiliani he lied for Trump somehow I don’t think that will be it but if it is so what do I care I’ll be dead seen okay now you guys make sense of it John you speak Giuliani yeah um you worked with him for many years you wrote for him many years this seems to me that he has decided relevance over legacy okay so that’s that’s my first take my second is why is he so confusing alright let’s break that down but I appreciated the the beret gladdens scene at the end I think one Rudy’s always had a fatalistic streak when it comes to his legacy and God knows I’ve said you know he’s got an exemplary record as mayor of New York and he hasn’t really taken a lot of care at focusing on that legacy he’s been all in for his client the president United States and I think Rudy has done himself a disservice and his legacy a disservice by being so all-in on this I think he’s being radically transparent to the extent that he’s not parsing his words carefully certainly not as a former prosecutor he is sort of saying whatever is coming to his mind because he’s gotten very used to playing the court of public opinion and he’s picking up the phone when almost any reporter calls whether he’s on the way to the shower or not and when you look at a transcript of it it seems dissembling I think he is trying to be honest but I don’t think he’s doing himself and arguably his client and any favors I think you can you could track a flow through there but you got to work real hard the line about st. Peter by the way classic rudy and and i think donald trump in some ways is told has set the message to a lot of people in politics and public life that be your loudest most authentic self even in the case of donald trump but that’s an authentic liar and you know and you will be rewarded for it and then people won’t remember some of the details won’t remember the details in this case it’s not details it’s just rank incoherence you know he says at one point I’ve been through all the tapes the reporter goes wait what tapes have you gone through he says I shouldn’t have said tapes the reporter says so there were tapes I listened to though he goes no tapes it’s just it’s like tapes into it just doesn’t make any sense and you know the timeline maybe getting confused and Rudy’s ability to communicate what he may be referring to and Marshall Kohn made this point earlier to Laura is that he may be referring to the the Michael Cohen tapes and and on that voluminous information which was seized by the southern district that really did listen to however if there’s anything specifically about Trump Tower Moscow that’s a bit new information also on the timeline thing he’s contradicting himself and what he said over the weekend but it sounds like that’s the brushback pitch he got from the president’s team remember the White House and the lawyers are really not in a great deal of communication he’s not checking with Sarah Sanders when he goes on TV and and what he’s trying to say now is the back half of 16 it looks like they’re trying to draw a line around July rather than the into October which raises real question well that’s why I wanna bring Laura in here because why legally speaking why did Rudy Giuliani have to walk back the statements that I think he’s so carefully and intentionally made this weekend over the weekend he opened the possibility and just clearly stated that the president talked about the Trump Tower project through the election and now he’s taking it back why does he have to do that well there are two reasons I think could be possible here one when he spoke to Maggie Haberman and he talked about his conversations with the president that’s stunning this is the President of the United States lawyer talking about presumably privilege and that Giuliani is somebody who likes to talk about privilege presumably privileged conversations and he’s repeating back to Maggie saying what Trump said apparently that the trunk our Moscow discussions were going on from the day I announced to the day I won now Giuliani says I never said that I apparently the New York Times according to Giuliani is just making that up and so I see use it you see here where the New Yorker reporters sort of pressing him he says I can talk about my conversations with the president I’m his lawyer I couldn’t do I couldn’t possibly do that well you just did less than 24 hours ago and so I think there’s real questions here about whether the privilege could arguably be wait because once you open the door to conversations with the president that is right grounds for an aggressive prosecutor to say well tell me more about what those discussions were like we have no indication that Muller is the type of person who wants to press the point like that but you see this all the time you can’t use the privilege as a sword and a shield and I think that that is an interesting way for Giuliani to sort of clean that up he ride whether that was successful or not I don’t know the other question as we’ve all been discussing for the past day or so is all of the other events that we’re running in parallel to the time that this deal was going on so if we’re through the summer of 2016 up through November 2016 as he has said repeatedly we’re now at a times where we know that Trump is calling upon Russia to look into Hillary Clinton’s emails almost goading them to hack the emails that’s an issue and setting policy I mean sitting on our ala sanction all of that and helping to change the Republican policy platform all that stuff which is why the Trump Tower would be relevant is Giuliani helping or hurting he’s helping in the sense that people are getting tired of this and they’re having trouble sorting through it and that helps and that helps from you know a voter’s where ultimately if this goes to the Senate and it is impeachment that does help he’s hurting as far as the investigation goes and the prosecutors because I think he is putting the you know we know that motors not going to come out and say Rudy that’s wrong he’s not ken starr he doesn’t walk to the end of his driveway into a press conference every morning and tell us what’s up and what is he did the other thing is and and when you the the key piece of this I think is is it faithful to the written answer exactly Trump has given under oath and my guess is that he’s strayed from those answers and the real lawyers in this case because Rudy is not acting as a lawyer let’s let’s be honest he’s a PR person I love PR people but speaking as what but the president is now on the record right and if he didn’t tell the truth in those written answers again we say game-changer a lot that’s a game there may be three different things here there may be three different things here there might be what the president said in the written answers there might be what really on he’s been saying out loud and there might be the truth he’s figuring out how those three things line up that’s hard and with due respect to GOP our people aren’t necessarily paid for telling the truth lawyers usually are and and Rudy said many times you know the law supposed to be in pursuit of the truth I think the since but riot between that and his current role and responsibilities it’s troubling the other distance that’s troubling especially for someone like me is see someone who was you know America’s mayor a decade ago led the city through 9/11 who turned around New York City at a time when Donald Trump was a recently bankrupted reality show TV star that gap and where we are now itself is stark all right thank you very much for all of that ethics Carlucci the mooch is back in action this doesn’t feel like a big leap frankly after that last discussion he made his debut Monday on CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother what he revealed about his relationship with the president [Music] we are following breaking news a Russian judge has denied bail to u.s. citizen an accused spy Paul Whalen his lawyer tells CNN the widow found with evidence that constitutes state secrets when police arrested him in Moscow but that he did not realize it CNN’s Rep lichen live in Moscow outside the court Fred what’s going on there hi John well I was inside the courtroom when Paul Whelan had that very short a hearing to try and get bail which obviously he didn’t receive and it was the first time that we actually saw him since he was arrested in late December and he seemed to be in fairly decent spirits he was smiling every once in a while I tried to sort of throw him a question ask him how he was doing he didn’t answer that he was actually behind bulletproof glass the security here obviously very tight in these Russian courts it was interesting because the hearing was very short the judge just came in and essentially said that bail would not be granted to Paul Whelan we weren’t even allowed to film the judge as he was doing that we do have some new nuggets about the case that we got from Paul Wieland’s lawyer he says essentially that Whelan was given a flash drive by an individual while he was in his hotel here in Moscow and that that flash drive had state secrets on it now he claims that Paul Whelan did not know that there were state secrets on that flash drive that he thought but this was information about tourism and cultural information as well for instance for cathedrals we do know at Paul Whelan is someone who liked to travel around Russia as a tourist as well it’s interesting because a lawyer said he believes that so far this trial is going forward in a professional manner however he also admitted that so far he was only able to view about 5% of the material that is available so obviously still a lot to be done so for Paul Whelan this is a setback not one that was necessarily unexpected because it’s such a high-profile case a case of course also involving espionage charges which of course his family denies but he’s going to have to remain in jail it could be four months until this trial actually is finished Allison still mysterious and so many questions Fred thank you for explaining all of that you know how you and I joked that I don’t understand sports he’s a joke well sometimes it’s a joke I just reap reread the story that I’m about to read I don’t understand a single word in it okay let’s go here it is the NFL is planning to give its pass interference see a second look good job following Sunday’s heart-wrenching no call which many say cost the New Orleans Saints a trip to the Super Bowl it did so League is set to consider making pass interference subject to video review at it’s more treating they are as well as introducing a replay review challenge I thought Giuliani honestly right now this would give teams an option when they question the call or no call of officials again that’s Giuliani ask any change would need the blessing of 24 of the league’s 32 owners you can’t hit the receiver before the receiver catches the ball you have to wait til he catches the ball to tackle then why didn’t I just say that I actually understand what you just said that is the essence of past interference the Saints aren’t going to the Superbowl and they should be because of a call that was blown at the end of that game oh the prior said his call or no call mmm what’s the no call that maybe they didn’t make a call there it was a no call that let them go home as opposed to go to the Sydney and as you well know the problem though with the problem with reviewing past interference as you were discussing with me before before the break is that every play there’s some past interference in nearly every play yes so it’s hard to catch it yeah we’re gonna go to something much more clear here Anthony scare Moochie is trying to survive in the Big Brother house longer than he did in the White House all of that is actually a statement of fact he made his debut on the CBS show Celebrity Big Brother revealing that he still has access to the president I still get along with the president I talked to him probably once or twice a month but I’m usually the one making the call I would think that a portion of the public probably just likes me because of my Trump support but I had a great time I haven’t come across one person that doesn’t think I’m nuts for going into Big Brother which is probably the reason why I’m doing it right it’s gonna last longer than my stint in the White House God willing I started at the White House my first day with a chainsaw and a hockey mantle I left a big mark there and I expect to leave a big mark and the Big Brother house too I had questioned why he was doing it now I understand it now I understand perfectly he’s perfect for the Big Brother house he’s perfect for the show um there’s another piece of news in the house Julie Chen Moonves who was the host she introduced herself using her full name Julie Chen Moonves of course sir her husband les moonves’s so much trouble here in all I was gonna say is there was more news more things connected to news in the future of our country and that one episode then in any reality show ever except for every episode of The Apprentice obviously let us know what you think about the mooches star turn meanwhile top Democrats linked Martin Luther King’s civil rights struggle to the fight against President Trump won even calling him a quote Grand Wizard so we discussed that messaging strategy next [Music] well Democrats are already lining up for the chance to go head-to-head with President Trump in 2020 California senator Kamala Harris becoming the latest to announce her bid for the White House and she joins a growing field of candidates shaping up to be the most diverse in history joining us now to discuss the field we have Jess McIntosh former director of communications outreach for the Hillary Clinton campaign and Joe Trippi former campaign manager for Howard Dean great to see both of you okay so Jesse here’s where here are the people who have announced their candidacy we’ll just put this up there’s also people who house exploratory committees not sure what the difference is there are people who are a listening tour okay they’re listening there’s Cory Booker who says that he’ll be making his decision very soon so things are getting exciting with Kamala Harris as you know already there is pushback from the progressive wing of the party because she was a prosecutor here is what one op eds a time after time when progressives urged her to embrace criminal justice reform as a district attorney and then the state’s attorney general MS Harris opposed them or stayed silent most troubling miss Harris fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors our progressive is about to cut off their own nose to spite their face by finding something that they don’t like about every one of these ganna die I think some progressives are certainly going to spend their time doing that I’m not one of those progressives I want to take a hot second and celebrate the fact that the top three candidates right now top three are all women like we get asked every week whether America is ready to have a woman president and it’s just an irrelevant question right now it is really clear that we belong in this fight if we lose if we lose but women belong in the fight for 2020 to get to Camilla’s record I’m glad people are starting this early I know it’s a bit of a nightmare but it gives them the time to have these conversations lots of candidates have evolved since the 90s talking about criminal justice reform I want to make very sure that we do not hold the women candidates to a different progressive purity standard than we hold the men because that is something that occasionally our party finds themselves guilty of doing of course there was a rebuttal in the New York Times about Camilla’s progressive prosecutorial career she has been out in front on a lot of criminal justice reform issues and I think she’s gonna have the time to make that case to folks in this case so far it doesn’t seem like the women are being held to a different standard Joe Biden just gave it a whole speech yesterday where he tried to explain away or talk about his role in the crime bill in 1994 and he’s not in the race yet so he thinks he is going to be held to account if he does get in that race Joe I’m fascinated by the size of the field here when you have so many potential candidates and so many potential candidates who may be on a somewhat equal plane here how do you run what’s the right way to navigate waters that could be very complicated well I mean one it’s going to be very difficult for any of them to stand out that’s going to encourage some of them to take sort of more you know positions with the get traction you’re starting to see that it you know who can take on Trump the hardest that kind of thing but look I think the the fact is all these candidates are gonna get in they’re gonna get hammered this is gonna be the largest field Democrats have had in history I mean we haven’t had looked at we haven’t had a field like this at this size since the 1980s 84 and 88 I mean that’s how long it’s been a Republicans had that 2016 and it produced Donald Trump but to stand out I think it’s gonna make Iowa New Hampshire even more important I know a lot of people who the business don’t think that do you think they’re gonna be less important I think you know it’s gonna be a long time before someone emerges from this field but the other thing that’s going to happen is they’re all going to get hammered they’re all going to have big ups and downs it’s better to get some of them out of the way two years out answer the questions take them on but they’re going to be ups and downs the only thing you don’t want is to have one of them happen on on a when you take third in Iowa and then you’re you’re kind of like with my boss our Dean and us we we had some we that moment is a bad one you don’t want it you want him to happen now so bad you’re still talking about it unprompted 14 years later from where you sit and I know obviously you were in a different camp than Bernie Sanders but Bernie Sanders is still debating whether or not to get in do you think that he should do you think he will I think he’s he’s obviously a voice within the party that well he’s not a Democrat but he is he voice within the progressive movement that is certainly very interesting and galvanized a lot of people which i think is important in 2016 I hope if he does get in he he spends he’s done his homework and I hope that we see a staff that includes a lot of women in people of color in positions of power he he kind of continues to show this blind spot when he talks about issues of race and gender and that really that’s tripped him up a lot in the past and it very much undercuts this economic message that he’s otherwise so strong on if he can’t understand that those lenses play a really large economic role in the realities of a lot of Americans so I was hurtin when I read on CNN over the weekend that he was trying to put those issues front and center he was in South Carolina so if he does it again and I think it could be good for a lot of folks to get excited if he did I would hope that he had learned those lessons so it’s interesting you talk about Bernie Sanders and the issue of race because he talked about it in very strong terms yesterday let’s listen and I must tell you it gives me no pleasure to tell you that we now have a President of the United States who is a racist so he’s used that type of language before Joe when you say it on Martin Luther King jr. Day I think it holds a different weight it was interesting to hear that from Bernie Sanders on the same day that Hakeem Jeffries who was in the House leadership not running for president though called Donald Trump the Grand Wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this type of language here is it appropriate is it effective well Bernie Sanders got to where he is because he’s so outspoken I mean a lot he has a very loyal following and I think this is what they like about him now there plenty of people who who liked other candidates in this race I’m gonna have a big field but this is why my Bernie Sanders is who he is and why he has the following in the party it wasn’t big enough in 2016 to take the nomination away from Hillary Clinton although the these people on that are so loyal to him they’ll still dispute that but in the end I still think I’m just looking at it from my experience over the last couple of years here I actually think that the American people are looking for more somebody looking for trying to bring us together find common ground I think this kind of language may help you stand out in the Democratic primary not sure it’s going to be what the American people want to turn to after Donald Trump Jess I just need one more bead on the congressman Jeffrey’s why go there well I could say a grand wizard how does that help I not to use language that will make the language become the story when I think that the story ought to be the president’s embracing of a white supremacist agenda which is a very very valid and important thing to be discussing right now and I think should be a part of any campaign against him in 2020 so I’m glad that folks are going there I hope that we can keep it to the substance of why they are going there thank you both very much just Joe great to talk to you all right there’s record cold that is keeping much of the Northeast in a deep freeze right now what does the fork

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