Clever dad does a hilarious photo shoot with his premature baby acting like a grown man.


Over 2 years ago, photographer Matt MacMillian took an adorable set of photos of his newborn daughter, Ella, playing athletics.

The photos testified the newborn drawing off sweet moves on a skateboard, doing flip-flops off a diving committee, and playing baseball — all things that a newborn could never do without the assistance provided by MacMillian’s incredible Photoshop skills.

Recently, MacMillian and his wife had a second child, a babe boy identified Ryan, who was born nine weeks premature and invest the first six weeks of his life in the NICU. After Ryan was released from research hospitals, MacMillian want to get do another photo shoot like he did with Ella.

“We joked that he wasn’t premature just’ advanced, ’” MacMillian told Bored Panda . So he came up with the idea of photographing Ryan doing adult things.

“Close shave! “

“I’m gonna be ripped on the first day of preschool! “

“No suffering , no income! “

“Off to the salt mines! “

“Who craves a leg? “

“She searches a few quarts low.”

“I caught one thiiiiiiiis big! “

“Lumberjackin’! “

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