Chief Justice Roberts weighs in on mystery subpoena clash potentially tied to Mueller

Chief Justice Chief Justice John Roberts has weighed in on a clash over a mysterious grand jury subpoena. ( AP)

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has weighed in on a skirmish over a mysterious grand jury subpoena, which is rumored to be connected to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

The dispute involves an unknown company owned by a foreign nation, which has opposed the subpoena and appealed a related contempt citation. In a brief ordering issued Sunday, Roberts bided that contempt cite and associated fixed penalty pending a response from government lawyers, due Dec. 31.

While the substance of the conflict between lawyers and the company remains unclear, Politico reported the dispute seems to involve Mueller’s team. A Politico reporter in October overheard a person connected to the appeal request a facsimile of the special counsel’s latest filing in the case from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals clerk’s office.


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