Canadian air traffic controllers send pizzas to U.S. counterparts working without pay

well if you are an air traffic controller in the United States right now you are going through a tough time thousands are working without pay thanks to the partial US government shutdown so Canadian air traffic controllers across this country are making a universal gesture of friendship and solidarity and it comes in the form of pizza free pizza that lets go to Winnipeg right now that CBC Zarin Broman with more on this story so free pizza Erin how is this meant to work yes so for 14,000 employees air traffic controllers in the United States they got to work on Friday and found out that they hadn’t been paid they check their online pay stub on Thursday and everybody got between zero and thirty one dollars so they were getting to work feeling pretty down in the dumps pretty upset and pretty angry and I mean Canadians work with Americans they share the airspace and they knew what they were going through they have quite a camaraderie so it started in amitin and Edmonton bought pizza for Anchorage Alaska and Utah and then that spread across Canada with every Canadians station buying for their counterpart in the United States so Toronto bought for Cleveland New Brunswick and Newfoundland bought for Salt Lake City Winnipeg bought for Minneapolis and this kind of just spread they just wanted to improve the spirits of Americans and kind of show that camaraderie and show that spirit well nothing wins friends over like pizza so what’s been the reaction in the United States then it’s been overwhelmingly positive overwhelming gratitude they are just so thankful I’ve spoken with several air traffic controllers today and they just said thank you Canada thank you Canadian air traffic controllers this has been the hardest part of our career the hardest lowest points of our career and it’s just a real show solidarity that Canada stands with them and they are saying like they got to work and things were awful and this a pizza came as a surprise and they’re so thankful I spoke with the union that represents national air traffic controllers and here’s what Doug Church had to say it is so wonderful and it is such a wonderful boost emotionally to the controllers and not just the ones who were getting the the pizza and the other food at the facilities in Cleveland and Minneapolis and Seattle and Boston and countless other facilities who have been the beneficiaries of this generosity but we’re sharing those stories and they’re seeing them themselves on social media all around the country and and it’s just a really good shot in the arm of a positive energy and positive emotion to know that hey they’ve got our back and it means so much to us and yes this has been blowing up on social media it’s all over Facebook and Twitter people are posting photos of themselves eating the pizza and saying Thank You Canada Thank You Canadian air traffic controllers it was an unexpected gesture but one that is meaning a lot to the American air traffic controllers and American people I mean these controllers are kind of caught in between a political dispute they say but they’re happy that Canada is recognizing the hard times and wanting to lift their spirits

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