Businessweek gets grilled over controversial hamburger tweet

4th of July

Businessweek wasn’t ready for the heat!

Days before the country is supposed to celebrate the barbecue holiday on July 4th, Businessweek making a decision release its third annual” Do Not Grill” section. One of the items on the list? The hamburger — arguably a staple of the summertime.

" Perfect burgers are all about the crust but equally the umami-rich fat and natural juices ," Chef Tae Strain said in the section." On the grill, "were losing" that because the fat dribbles down onto the coals, and you need those juices ."

Another chef called Gray Brooks agreed.

" No sir , not gonna do it, burgers on the grill are incredible as long as you never flatten or touch them in any way ," said @mattleising." Peaches and pineapple are also fantastic on a grill, the smoky burn you get can't be done another way ."

" Y'all the same people that told me not to bathe chicken before prepare it ," tweeted @neonbelly6116

But to be fair, much of the outcry was misdirected.

The actual clause was simply warning against lay burgers instantly on a grill and telling people to instead set them on something like a heavy-duty pan.

So, it emerges most people did not read the clause and simply speak the tweet that Businessweek posted. And people began to go after the caption, rather than clicking to read what Businessweek was talking about.

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