Brides Dad Died In The Line Of Duty She Loses It When She Sees Him Walk Through The Door

Weddings are supposed to be a hour of great exhilaration for both of the families that are involved. Regrettably, these happy occasions are often ruined by petty resentments, silly arguments and other various aggravations. However, this bride was able to enjoy a wonderful bridal experience. All it took was a series of secret invites. Mikayla was slated to marry her husband Dakota on October 14.

Everything was perfect once the big period finally arrived. The bride and groom appeared radiant and happy. The weather could not have been more gorgeous. There was just one thing missing. Mikayla was unable to have her father in attendance. Her father was a probation officer and Marine veteran who had been killed in the line of duty ten years prior to her wedding day.

Her father David had attempted to stop a young man one day on a crowded metropoli street. When the suspect ran away from him for reasons unknown, you chose to sprint to the Ohio River. He leaped from a 10 to 15 foot high bank into the seas below. David attempted to jump in after him, but he never resurfaced. His torso was recovered the following day.

When Mikayla’s marriage period arrived, she knew that she would have to pay homage to him in a special way. She carried a posy that was wrap in burlap. This posy likewise contained a medallion that had been inscribed with the words “Walk with me today, Daddy”. What she did not know was that there was a special surprise in store for her.

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