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America will not retreat until the terror fight is over we will labor tirelessly alongside you to defeat Isis al Qaeda and other jihadists that threaten our security and yours president Trump has made the decision to bring our troops home from Syria we always do and now is the time but this isn’t a change of mission Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying he wants our troops to come home as the military says it has started pulling equipment but not troops out of Syria mr. Pompeo is in the Middle East working to reassure our allies about the president’s plan as the administration is ramping up pressure on Iran we are very hopeful that we will get the bad actors in the region the Russians and the Iranians to come to the table along with the regime and all the other stakeholders in there to come to the table and have conversations about what a post-civil war political structure might look like in Syria Dan Hoffman is here he’s a former CIA station chief who served in the Middle East and a Fox News contributor Dan thank you for being here and you know considering the positive impact geopolitical jeopardy and troops security what are the consequences of American troops withdrawal from Syria well it’s a little bit early to be talking about withdrawing our troops at this point as you mentioned it’s just some equipment I do think that there’s a potential contradiction here secretary Pompeo in his speech in Cairo emphasized that when the u.s. retreats chaos follows and he was highlighting and rightly so lessons learned from the Obama administration when we withdrew our troops from Iraq and Isis followed in that vacuum and took over such Geographic space in Iraq and in Syria the question now before us is whether those 2000 US troops are indispensable to finishing the fight against Isis and second you know ambassador Bolton has highlighted that they should remain until Isis is defeated and until Turkey guarantees that they won’t attack the Kurds because they have not guaranteed that Turkey has not guaranteed so you know and and I understand your point I mean during the trip to the Middle East do you want to ask what is the message and agenda for Secretary of State Pompeyo National Security Advisor of Bolton who was there earlier in the week what is the agenda and who is their target audience I mean and furthermore at Dan do these chief ambassadors of US foreign policy take with them a cohesive method and plan in concert with President Trump right well the potential contradictory element of this is the United States wants our regional partners to take responsibility for their own security and that was something that secretary Pompeo emphasized he also highlighted that the United States is a is a true friend and a loyal ally to our partners in the Middle East unlike China unlike Russia and II emphasize that our two key enemies are Iran and Isis and they remain so and so there’s a little bit of tension between how much skin in the game the United States will have how many for deployed troops we will have with all that goes along with that including intelligence collection training assist to the Kurds and maybe most importantly deterring the Turks where we’re planning is ongoing for attacks against the Kurds and that’s essentially a mutt would amount to tactical fratricide where if the Kurds are defending themselves from the from the Turks then you know they make up the bulk of the Syrian defense forces that have taken the fight to Isis I think we’d have some problems with Isis reconstituting itself and you were the former CIA station chief again in Moscow Iraq and Pakistan I mean you laid out the the complexities of this operation here however it’s gonna proceed how are the steps by the United States there in Syria being perceived and monitored by Russia Turkey in Iran and those three actors could get together and they are having conversations without the United States right and they have been I mean the Middle East is a big part of Vladimir Putin’s strategy for Russia to become resurgent again and I think he saw Syria way back in the Obama administration when we didn’t enforce the red line as an opportunity as a force multiplier for Russia to gain leverage influence and we’ve already seen the Kurds approaching the Russians so that maybe there could they could strike a deal with Russia’s assistance with Syria to defend themselves from Turkey so I mean the Middle East is all about Machiavellian realpolitik in a Hobbesian universe it is a dangerous place and without the United States the question is whether without without our influence whether it reverts to that state which is so dangerous and and creates so much of a humanitarian catastrophe that these extremists radical Islamic extremists prey upon so I think the Russians see an opportunity with the removal of our troops I know that they’ve that they’ve lauded the decision by the United States and their own media to do so I think Turkey is nervous because I think they know they need our military enablers especially our artillery and I think Syria would just like to get us out because they know that we’ve been standing up with the Syrian opposition against Assad’s brutal repressive regime which has used chemical weapons right I mean so many more questions Dan we’ll have to get you back because I’m told we’re out of time but I do want to quickly if I can get a quick answer from you what is your most what are you most concerned about in the wake of should there be a complete troop withdrawal from American troop withdrawal from Syria I would just quickly invoke the late Charles Krauthammer who’s used to say that if there was a strategic necessity for us to be someplace and risk spilling blood and treasure so that we could defend ourselves overseas and eliminate threats so that we wouldn’t have to do so here in the United States that’s what this administration has to determine and ultimately I think the Trump doctrine for the Middle East will be judged based in large part on how Syria plays out Dan Hoffman we’ll leave it there thank you very much for your analysis Dan thank you

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