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well this is up I’m David Gura and a new partnership between billionaire hip-hop mogul jay-z and the NFL is sparking heated debate over two things one how much change one man can make within the league and two if Commissioner Roger Goodell can champion social justice without Colin Kaepernick the deal itself involves jay-z’s entertainment company rock nation co-producing the Superbowl halftime show and other concerts and events throughout the season Plus music with proceeds going to various charities but here’s what jay-z had to say during a press conference on Wednesday of this week if protesting on the field is the most effective way didn’t protest on feel it but if you have a vehicle like inspire change where you could speak to the masses and educate at the same time as well tell people what’s going on so people not controlling your narrative Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid who in February reached a settlement with Colin Kaepernick for their grievances with the NFL criticized jay-z’s deals saying he quote knowingly made a money move with the very people who have committed an injustice against Colin he’s using social justice to smooth it over with the black community Karen Phillips is a senior columnist with the shadow League he joins us now from Atlanta Karen thank you very much for being here and let’s tackle that first point first year that is what JC is trying to do with with the NFL yes there is the economic component of this the halftime shows the concerts there is the social justice component as well how explicit were they about what that is and and what kind of a difference do you think he could make just a thing we don’t know when this decision kind of blindsided everyone we’ve look at jay-z’s track record of all the things he’s done in his community over the past what 10 12 15 years and giving back and being a voice and a champion for social change and social injustice this is what’s made this thing so interesting and frustrating and eye-opening to people because if you’ve been a fan of jay-z like I have for what the last 20-something years you’re really giving him a side I giving that you’re doing this deal right now with the NFL especially coming off the past three years with what’s going on especially the things Roger Goodell who is leading the most popular league in this country and the things they’ve done especially when it comes to social injustice I’m not really sure and I’m worried I’m frustrated I hope I pray that jay-z can make things happen but it’s not looking that way at all they ask you about the second part of this that involved in Colin Kaepernick and I read there from Eric Reeve just a moment ago but a lot of people have weighed in here criticizing this Jamel Hill of the Atlantic among them she said that JC’s an accomplice in the league hypocrisy JC has given the NFL exactly what it wanted guilt free access to black audiences culture entertainers and influencers are you surprised at how indirectly this was dealt with he was asked questions about it at that press availability with with Roger Goodell but what do you make of that you mentioned the side-eye what do you make of JC’s seeming seeming ability to sort of excuse that or as he put it in that press conference to to move past it to move beyond it to acknowledge the grievance that we have seen from the protest movement and say explicitly as he did that we need to move on to action as a result of that that’s what’s so problematic about this now jay-z came to the table and he did just deal with the NFL it was like hey I want to go into business with you all I want to do all these things this deal with the Super Bowl and you know push the conversation for it would be great if he said hey we got to get Colin Kapernick a job that guy has now when he took a knee let’s go back to 2016 he took at me because he wanted to bring awareness to something since then from the players coalition making their deal when they decided to stop raising their fists or taking the knee for the 89 million the NFL gave to them to this deal that jay-z has done and he’s basically why he didn’t say why he said he understands kneeling he was like let’s move past it kneeling and protesting was about bringing a awareness now while this money helps and we do need someone at the table to you know bring more chances going on the weirdness doesn’t need to necessarily go away all the things that people were kneeling resonances for are still happening but it and if people start doing that then it feels like the problems have going away and they have it and the money doesn’t necessarily solve those problems it takes time for that so unless jay-z came to the table and said hey and you know their reports out the heat wants to be a majority owner and that could happen sometime soon later down the line we no but unless jay-z is the owner of a team in Colin Kaepernick is the face of their team and the starting quarterback then what was this all for because none of this seems to make sense at all and that’s the most frustrating thing about that is that it’s coming from the person that we believe wouldn’t do something like this care gracious be with you thank you very much for the time on this Saturday Karen Phillips joining us from Atlanta thanks to the gang here in New York as well Shannon petty Pete saw Okafor and Alexis McCammon joining me here at the table on set at 30 rock and we have some breaking news this hour a suspect has been taken into custody by the New York Police Department in connection to a rice cooker scare that caused evacuations Friday in lower Manhattan if you’re riding the train as I was yesterday morning you had to deal with delays as a result of this police arresting a man overnight who allegedly left two rice cookers in a subway station downtown causing police to shut down the area investigators later determining the objects were not explosives we’re to keep monitoring this story we’ll bring you updates as it develops coming up at the top of the hour Israel’s decision in flaming political tensions here in the United States as the president doubles triples dare I say quadruples down on attacks on a Democratic congresswoman was how America first is making the world worse [Music] Lissa’s album david Gura and president Trump continues to attack his political adversaries to excite his base of supporters in a tweet this week President Trump said he wanted Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to block two elected members of Congress from visiting the country representatives Ilan Omar and receded to leave both of whom are Muslim women and both of whom are critical of Israel on Twitter the president said they are fast becoming the face of the Democratic Party excuse me Democrat Party is what he wrote erroneously and they hate Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu saw the tweet evidently he said the sole purpose of the lawmakers trip was to quote harm Israel and increase incitement against it the Prime Minister’s decision was roundly criticized Senator Marco Rubio called it a mistake to deny the lawmakers entry Maine senator Susan Collins said the administration should have encouraged the visit AIPAC the American Israel Public Affairs Committee said every member of Congress should be able to travel to Israel up with me this morning congressman Seth Moulton who is a candidate for the Democratic nomination along with Ellie missed all he is the editor of above the law comm and a contributor to the Nation magazine Mara gay is a member the editorial board at the New York Times the Phillippe Ryan is is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State a longtime advisor to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton co-hosts of podcast unredacted and the bringer of munchkins let me start with you we’re gonna dig into soar the domestic politics surrounding all of this but I want to get your reaction as a lawmaker as a colleague of these two representatives to what we saw this week that is a country deciding that duly elected members of Congress should not be allowed to travel to that country it’s short-sighted both for America and for Israel it’s child’s play on the international stage I mean we of course have to be able to criticize our allies and we have to be enabled to engage in a debate with them I went to Israel to to talk to Prime Minister Netanyahu in the midst of the Iran nuclear dale’s deal debate he was a chief critic of the world of that deal and I when and I asked him face-to-face I said mr. Prime Minister I don’t think it’s a perfect deal either but just tell me how you get a better deal he couldn’t answer that question and the next week I came out and supported the deal in fact President Obama had my statement on the home page of for the next three weeks but the point is we need to be able to engage in that dialogue and debate that’s healthy for our country what Trump is doing is turning Israel into a partisan issue he’s turning the partisan issue more a wedge issue we are seeing the domestic politics sort of intercede in international politics the way that we haven’t seen before absolutely I mean it was disturbing I think for both countries these are two long-standing democracies the United States and Israel who have alliances that actually transcend party and have so for years and it’s really disappointing to see the President of the United States even with an ally side with a foreign country over supporting you know Americans and I think what it really goes to is the president’s message and the message of his supporters which is that these two members of Congress as well as others in the squad so to speak are not legitimate members of Congress they’re not American citizens because of what they look like the way they pray where they come from and it’s it’s really very dangerous because this really is part of the larger message about trying to brand the United States as a white-only country and that’s what the president is running on in 2020 and adopted we’re talking about here and this brings up the issue of norms and the erosion of norms we could do that every week on this show Ali but here we have it again that is you you have a president with petty political grievances disagreements dislike toward these two members of Congress a broader group of members of Congress as well but but he has now allowed that to eclipse what Maher is talking about here this long-standing relationship the geopolitical relationship between two countries yeah look I don’t have a plan for a Middle East peace if I did I would you know put it in a cover letter to the New York Times me lie how can it brother get a job here’s my flat like I would yeah obviously I don’t know how to solve this but what I do know for sure is that Donald Trump is not interested in solving it he is not interested in peace in the Middle East he is interested in demonizing women of color in this country for political game I want to say one other thing to leave is absolutely right to not go to Israel there are people in this country we have a generation of people in this country who remember what it was like to be told you can get food but only from the back of the kitchen you can ride the bus but only on the back of the bus right and who stood up against that people of color and Jewish Americans stood together to reject that kind of treatment and to leave now puts herself as part of that struggle she will not go to Israel as a second-class congresswoman and I believe that a majority of people of color and an overwhelming majority of American Jewish people will join her and support her and join her in that fight all right so this Trump’s attempt to shave off the Jewish community from the communities of color in this country will not work it has been tried before in this country and what didn’t work then and it’s not gonna work now picking up on that Phillipe I’m gonna quote from Tom Friedman’s latest piece in The New York Times Tom Friedman who longtime columnist The Times also lived in the Middle East Jerusalem Jarrell there you go I’m gonna say this is simply and clearly as I can if you’re an American Jew and you’re planning on voting for Donald Trump because you think he is pro-israel you’re a damn fool well it’s true but the fact that Tom’s writing that is part of the problem look this is the usual you’re saying erosion of norms I think we’re beyond erosion and I think the we’re in the state rust Ghia whatever rust becomes efforts you can get people but this is the most recent and it’s egregious but this has been something they’ve been doing for a while they’ve being Trump and his minions about trying to loosen up American Jews from the Democratic Party I think they’re having a little bit of success with it maybe not this episode because this episode is a mess but that is part of their plan to the extent that these people plan anything and you know it might have some effects in places like Florida where you know there’s without an American Jew I understand that there’s usually an instinctive no tolerance of criticism of Israel policy but in this case you had a Peck that was telling Trump that what he was doing is wrong what what bothers me most for the hundredth time with this is that the guy ran and said I’m gonna do what I say and I’m gonna say what I do and I don’t care about being correct he clearly told the Israelis not to let them in then he pretends Ian nothing to do with it like what is what the constant scaredy-cat routine to just own up to what he says he promised he would do that he he claimed that he was proud of being this straight shooter he didn’t care you know politics and political correctness be damned he’s like oh I didn’t I didn’t do anything you know we had that sort of rhetorical baptism for Stephanie Grisham the new White House press Secretary’s she said that there there were no directives from the president then we had the president saying in fact he had talked to people over there although he wouldn’t reveal who they were car has been molten the point that Rashid believed your colleague makes in the statement that she issued is this is likely to cause lawmakers to reevaluate that relationship senator Bernie Sanders was on Chris Hayes show earlier this week he talked about the aid that the u.s. gives to Israel and if they’re gonna start putting restrictions on who can travel to the country which lawmakers can travel the country maybe it’s time to look at that aid package again I want to get your sense as you look at that relationship from where you sit in the Congress of how much reevaluation is taking place how much reevaluate evaluation is likely to take place as a result of this well I know that voters on the ground are talking about it I did a town hall in Iowa last night and I was asked about the us-israel relationship and so the fact that the president is essentially succeeding and tried to make it more partisan is dangerous it’s dangerous for us it’s dangerous for Israel Israel Israel remain one of our oldest and closest allies in the Middle East our one Democratic ally in the Middle East and that’s a relationship that we need to maintain but will it be more of a fight in Congress I’m sure that it will be and it’s yet another way in which Donald Trump is failing in his fundamental duty as commander-in-chief to keep us safe he’s a weak commander-in-chief and this is an argument I keep making on the campaign trail it’s something that Americans need to understand he’s not upholding his promises he’s not speaking truth to power he’s just playing politics on the world stage it’s dangerous for our national security it’s dangerous for Israel’s national security and ultimately it’s just an embarrassment to the rest of the world mark he’s also he has this fantasy about American politics you look at what he tweeted last night about like it or not Lee Bonomo are fast becoming the face of the Democrat Party Cortez AOC is fuming not happy about this I mean sense of the outsized role of these lawmakers is strange to say the least because that’s just how the politic works is is so skewed well one of the funny things about this is that it is true that I think among the establishment Democratic leadership there are concerns about having the entire Democratic Party branded as the party of AOC for example or of the left the left flank and so that’s kind of going on in terms of 2020 on the one hand but the funny thing is that the president gives these women specifically these women of color so much more power he said look at them absent you know women talking about them and tweeting about them and also but what is there to fear for having two members of Congress duly elected members of Congress come to Israel or enter the occupied territories I mean why should a democracy be so afraid of having two members of Congress from an allied nation come and look around so I think it’s a really bad look for both Netanyahu and Donald Trump you know I think a robust democracy can handle people who have different opinions and this really makes both leaders look as weak as they are I think it’s I think it’s important to mention that it’s a bad look for Netanyahu and Trump right this is to the congressman’s point American is we’re all good allies but we are not being good friends to each other right now because right now the entire world seized all Trump kind of drunk with power stumbling and slipping in his own filth and Netanyahu staying here the car keys you’re good to drive sir right Netanyahu is weak and afraid and everybody in the world sees it and Donald Trump’s just like go get her done bro do what you got to do like it’s it’s we’re not being good friends to each other but it is Trump in Yahoo we’re not being good friends to each other not America and Israel you know there’s two elements other elements – one is that you know we’ve been hearing for two and a half years that Donald Trump has a peace plan and that Jared Kushner is you know holed up in the White House coming up with this genius peace plan now I’m no Middle East peace expert but I don’t think this is how you get parties to the table when you keep colluding with the one of them at the expense of the others and there’s a reason why we’ve made no Headroom he thinks it’s a headway he thinks it’s the CCC so I’m going to move the embassy and then they’re all going to come to the table meanwhile that’s not happening he’s actually taking a step backwards but fundamentally he’s trying to as you said you know make these congresswoman and Bernie Sanders and socialism or whatever he doesn’t like the face of the Democratic Party okay fine that’s his game plan our game plan is simple we are going to make Donald Trump the face of Donald Trump and that’s all we’ve to do congressman last question to you here and that is about the role of Congress in all of this and I think more broadly about what’s being hammered out at Bedminster as we speak the meetings about the future of Afghanistan you have an administration that is circumventing the role of Congress as the president said yesterday willing to make a deal with the Taliban without the involvement of Congress here you have the President as Philippe was saying just a moment ago telegraphing if you want to be cheered about it what the Prime Minister of Israel should be doing what’s your response to that again I go back to you as the lawmaker as the member of Congress watching this happen again and again and again the White House taking on this outsized dare I say inappropriate role yes they are of course Trump is circumventing the Congress he’s circumventing the Constitution he’s flaunting the Constitution but I want to take some responsibility here in Congress as well that’s why it’s our job in Congress to hold him accountable and the fact that we refused to hold impeachment hearings when the president is flagrantly violating the Constitution flagrantly violating the law you know we’re not holding up our end of the bargain either and that’s why I’ve been a consistent advocate for impeachment I get the fact that the politics are tough the timing might not be perfect but it’s simply our constitutional duty to hold the executive accountable to hold Trump accountable that’s what we were elected in the House Majority to do it’s why I was the very first candidate on this entire campaign in 2020 to come out in favor of that position it’s simply the right thing to do and we’ve got to uphold our end of the bargain too the congressman couldn’t see eileen is still doing the impeachment dance I think that’s what that was anyway Carson Seth Moulton is gonna stick around with us come back talk a little about campaign politics in a few minutes after the break from a looming recession to a protracted trade war to a trigger-happy North Korea the consequences of the president’s policies coming into focus from this day forward it’s going to be only America first America first [Applause] welcome back to up I’m David Gura president Trump’s America First Philosophy looking increasingly untenable there is a great piece by Michelle Goldberg in The New York Times today which tracks the conflicts and tensions around the world North Korea’s nuclear tests continue there is the trade war with China the clashes in Hong Kong and Kashmir Russia plans to meddle in our next election just how two failed nuclear tests as it looks to beat u.s. defenses Isis researching in Syria and the United Kingdom still facing brexit now just a few weeks away new conflicts are not a new phenomenon but as another columnist points out William Galston who writes for The Wall Street Journal President Trump has consistently chosen to hush America’s voice in the face of actions by other nations that undermine democracy human rights and the rule of law he seems to believe that what governments do within their own borders is their own business joining us now is about Christopher Hill he’s the Chancellor for global engagement and professor of the practice of diplomacy at the University of Denver let me ask about what will Galston is is getting into in his piece he talks about president Trump’s doctrine of moral indifference do you agree with that that we’re now seeing that in relief and as you look around the world today let’s start with Hong Kong how are we seeing that play out investor well first of all I mean we have a president who fundamentally does not understand the global global governance does not understand the role of the United States or frankly the role of allies so we have a president who is kind of unmarked by any wisdom or just education on the subject so he kind of calls for this idea look for years our our approach to other countries has been a situation where we’ve given and gotten very little so it’s this kind of victimization narrative so I think today what we have is a president who is so wholly in ill equipped for dealing with these problems and he basically kind of falls back on uncertain sand of broad ideas that somehow you know those are problems related to other countries they’re not related to us we need to focus on other things but now as we’ve seen with this Israel situation we also have a president who’s absolutely dedicated to the proposition that he can politicize is anything and everything it is truly I think the worst leadership we’ve ever had frankly since King George the third Phillipe it’s not thoughtful engagement it’s not I’m just gonna pause there George this engagement it’s not educated engagement we saw that this week when he suggested that President Xi should go to Hong Kong to meet with the pro-democracy protestors there on the one hand he’s not weighing in he’s not meddling he’s keen to step back on the other hand when he does weigh in it is so quietly wrong and had misguided what do you make now at two and a half years in it we’ve seen as a result of that well he’s wasting our time I mean we’re we’re just not getting anywhere on any front we’re regressing on so many fronts but what strikes me you know there there are very few things I give Donald credit Trump for one of which is how there’s always a tweet for something because it’s spend a lot of time over the years over the last ten years mixtures and now we’re seeing how he does it he just spends all day every day tweeting whatever comes into his mind whether it’s Israel whether it’s AOC I’m sure it’ll be one about you know JLo and a rods new you know cars that they’ve given each other but it’s it’s rip up the script tell me more about that she he got her a Porsche for her 50th she got him a Ford Bronco like an old school Ford Bronco for his 44th okay you digress you told me to but it’s it’s really it’s it’s an utter waste of time but meanwhile it’s not we might be at best suspended in animation but everyone else is moving forward so you know I see crystal the first thing I think of is North Korea because he was our special envoy you know the North Koreans this is not just that they are continuing their ballistic missile program their nuclear development it’s that you know we now have other people aside from Russia who have a vested interest in keeping Donald Trump in office I would almost put kim jeong-hoon above Vladimir Putin or anyone else because he’s getting a world of this and by the way North Koreans have a pretty robust cyber capability just yes Sony Pictures about there you go I mean I was just gonna add that essentially the the lack of moral leadership it seems to be given carte blanche to dictators thugs around the world who just want to have their way whether it’s with their own people or you know by invading other countries by causing refugee crises I mean I think that what we’re seeing is you know the lack of moral leadership from the United States which is destabilized the Western alliance and in Europe is having its own problems so I think that combination is really emboldened a flat amir Putin and I think the other sad part is that you know we are wasting time when you look at something like climate change we should be leading the way instead where we’re treating and we’re running out of time le we talked about how in ered we’ve become to the way things are under this president we talked about how the rallies are the same there was a rhyme and a rhythm to everything that that he does appoint the Michelle Goldberg makes and her pieces the world isn’t as used to it still do you agree with that the two and a half years into this presidency world leaders folks around the world are still confused by this president that perhaps he still holds somewhat of an an upper hand as a result of that because they haven’t figured him out yeah I don’t know that I’ve used the word confused they’re laughing at us right we’re joke we we were talking about the lack of moral authority we lost this before right Bush Cheney and the torturers did grave damage to our morale to our global standing right Obama spent eight years clawing that back kind of speech by speech and Trump shows up and he’s punted it into the Sun and they’re laughing at us and so it’s a donk office life tur it’s not like laughing so so we have and what we see is that we used to have all of these tools hard power and soft power to affect our view our values across the world and Trump’s taken all those tools please dump them in the river because Obama uses them better and so now we are we are facing the consequences of that and it’s going across there all I see and I think you pointed out a really good thing like Britain is also kind of like like Germany and France cannot police the world by themselves they know that they’ve tried so so that that’s why all of this has happening across the bring us back to King George the third here but let me conclude here with ambassador Chris Hill Michelle Goldberg is pessimistic in her piece she writes we could get through the next 17 months with the world that still looks basically recognizable even that America will emerge with a desiccated diplomatic core strained alliances and a tattered reputation it will never again play the same leadership role internationally that it did Ellie making this point just a moment to go all that had happened now being reversed so so completely do you share that pessimism that this is something that’s irreversible no no and I never is a long time there’s no question there’s been a heck of a lot of damage all over the world and part of what the president does and saying America first is to say America alone you can’t trust anyone anyone especially foreigners so to be sure there is a lot of work that needs to be done and frankly speaking I think we can manage these next few months but if it’s another four years after that I think it’s a big problem so and one thing I think Americans need to understand you know Trump has 44 percent or 46 percent or whatever overseas he’s got nope no support so you know I’m not even sure people want to see him you know expound on some issue whether it’s Japan and Korea or Kashmir or something like that he’s he’s so wrong so often so it’s it’s it’s something where I think many countries are just deciding you know they’re looking at the calendar and they’re saying you know we hope this is a 17-month the proposition and no longer joining us with Austin he has traded the plat for the Charles ambassador Chris Hill joins from Boston here on this Saturday morning up next we are not for sale but we are open for business Greenland what do you talk about thus far sounds off over one of the more absurd headlines to come out of the Trump White House that’s coming up next [Music] mr. SAP I’m David curry and the president is apparently serious now reported by numerous news outlets about the u.s. buying the island of Greenland his flair for real estate has not dimmed he has been talking to aides about the idea with varying degrees of seriousness that is according to Wall Street Journal that paper first reported this story while the president enjoys some support of his staff at York Times supporting that privately mr. Trump’s advisors are highly skeptical that such a move could ever happen Greenland quick to respond to this story the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeting we are open for business not for sale spent some time imagining what Greenland might look like in the eyes of one Donald J Trump perhaps make Greenland great again hats may be a trump tower on a glacier there’s fewer puns to be made I’m not gonna make me let’s go right down to the pan Omar let me turn to you you brought this up in the last block your reaction to this I mean I struggle with how seriously to treat something like this the president can say something that I would imagine might be flip or serious I don’t know but it becomes something that dominates a news cycle for 2436 act I mean this truly takes me back to my tabloid days which by the way Donald Trump is a creature of the New York tabloids just okay enough said there but no I mean first of all not everything is for sale mr. president okay which I think the Greenlanders made clear when they said and I quote this not from the tabloids right final proof that the president has gone mad so I mean I just think it’s absurd on the other hand I mean Greenland does have a lot of fresh water so that idea I’ve ever had I go back to that quote that I read in that lead about the craven nosov his advisors clearly some went and told The Wall Street Journal that he’d been having these conversations but the fact that they smile and nod before they go to the newspaper to talk about this thing says a lot about the way this administration is run the way that it’s structured that something so crazy can be given if I if not agreement could be given a nod and and and can go on totally agree the problem is that he’s surrounded by yes-man right like humph is basically Lex Luthor he pulls down the map and he says Lana it’s the only thing they’re not making more of votes right and all he’s got is a bunch of miss Tessmacher ‘he’s being like oh yes mr. Trump we will look into that green land thing right away mr. Trump like where where are the people who can tell this man who were willing to tell this man no you’re stupid and crazy all right he’s probably looking at a Mercator map that still shows Greenland as the size of Africa right he he probably still thinks it’s green because he never got the Leif Erikson message right and he has people around him who won’t tell him no who won’t tell him this is crazy who won’t tell em could we do something about Puerto Rico which is actually part of our country before we start you know tilting at the windmills in Greenland it’s a it’s a real probably moved from erik the red to donald the orange philippe I actually think this one is one worse because he didn’t just pulled out a map and point to Greenland I think someone on his team told him that there had been conversations in the past about Denmark you didn’t just wake up to this so that what’s even worse is that someone maybe even said this is a joke in passing and the guy’s probably been obsessing about this for months yeah they went to The Wall Street Journal last week but what I hear these things I think you know this is just this is Tuesday for them I mean this is one of the things why we want to read books about what’s going on there because one day it’s drawing from your experience in the State Department I note here that in three weeks time press Trump’s schedule to meet with the prime minister of Denmark the country that controls Greenland the Queen as well and leaders of Greenland in the Faroe Islands their support of which this fantasy meets reality and what’s that meeting gonna be like I made that moment when you know the Foreign Minister of the prime minister of Denmark meets with Donald Trump at that moment we are all the foreign minister of Denmark I mean we get to deal with a get to deal with what we see every day they price sit there with their eyes rolling and you know the show they’re very proper I’ve been in the rooms with these folks they’re not you know Corgi they’ll say you know Phil you know they’re Denmark Ian’s are very and they’ll say you know mr. Trump thank you we like it too we’re glad you like it but it’s not for sale we do want to talk about why it’s so important it’s because it’s part of the Arctic yeah and you know it’s one of the seven countries that have a vested interest in keeping the Arctic on top of it he’ll say yeah or whatever but then he’ll come out and he’ll say yeah we had a great we had a great meeting we talked about it you know I saw I said I wanted we’ll see we’ll see what happens got some terrific like that but it’s comical in there to go back we’re talking about before these folks are laughing at us but better laugh at us than us to act like we invaded Greenland I don’t think as we do yeah well there as you know look they’re two people the two groups of people in the world the people who need the United States yes whether it’s NATO or just for the sake of structure and stability and then there are people who benefit from our chaos this isn’t a hundred yard dash Putin does not need to be Trump to the finish line Putin just needs to trip Trump out of the gate and that is much easier and with stuff like this as much as we joke about it that’s what we’re seeing is this notion that chaos which Trump things helps him domestically and I could probably make an argument that maybe it does it does not help unites its internationally but he’s also where that internationally Greenland has zero electoral votes and the world has zero electoral votes so what does he care yeah we’ll see see what happens to the show from there it does happen do the show you’ll care what it melts get that in we’re having some funnier but make this point it’s to me it’s Mara’s point it’s that you know if you’re gonna take an interest in Greenland as we’ve both been saying like this is where the this is where the ice is this is what’s melting and if you were gonna actually care about something this would be a good time to start caring about what’s happening to our oceans and our ice and our glaciers but he doesn’t even blaming John Cornyn last night was talking about like oh it’s just hot Chuck it’s just hot in the summer like these people will not will not engage with the very real threat in crisis of connection between we had the hottest July on record and Greenland you did Secretary Clinton because she went on behalf of president looking for properties and meat no it’s got the biggest mailbox in the world though furred Santa but to meet with the other members of the Arctic Council to talk about the melting and to talk about Soviet aggression in the area because it’s easier now for Soviet subs to operate and this is how people take things seriously and you know that if Denmark is if the Danish are smart they will say sir this is an important topic let’s talk about the Arctic let’s talk about you know let’s maybe down the road we can talk about you know a deal or something or condo or sharing there’s its largest mailbox I’ll tell you what Kris Kringle that’s to say alright forget about the White House up next the true fight for power being waged in Washington why Democrats are looking to the 2020 contenders for help in their up the battle to reclaim the Senate this is a pom david Gura and no secret here it’s as important for Democrats to win the Senate as it is the White House as the Washington Post’s Erin Blake writes there were not many high profile Democrats running for Senate and the pressure to change that is becoming more overt as party hopeful of winning back the presidency in 2020 confronts difficult math when it comes to also taking the Senate there were three men who were feeling that pressure most acutely one of them former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says he’s gonna think about it after suspending his presidential campaign this week today I’m ending my campaign for president people want to know I’ve heard from so many Coloradans who want me to run for the United States Senate they remind me how much is it state country well the other two have said unequivocally they are not interested in running for the Senate well not in in any scenario run for the United States Senate it’s not something that I’m considering Carvin Seth Moulton is back with us he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination I want to ask you first of all so you listen to John Hickenlooper message the video that he released this week how resonant was it to you when you hear him a numerate why he decided to leave that race what did you think well I think that talking about the horse race in August and months before the first primary or caucus goers go to the polls it’s just too early for our party and it kind of reminds me of the first time that I ran for Congress I ran against an 18-year incumbent and the Democratic establishment the political pundits of Massachusetts they all told me that not only was I gonna lose that race but Seth you’ll never be involved in democratic politics again because you dared to take on incumbent I mean think about what they were saying they were saying to this young combat veteran do not participate in the democracy you just risked your life to defend but the point is that the difference I was hearing from voters on the ground was real voters on the ground wanted a different voice they wanted more voices in this race that’s exactly what I’m hearing from voters on the ground in this presidential primary I’m hearing from caucus-goers on the ground here in Iowa who say they’re not satisfied that they found the right candidate yeah and they want different voters and ultimately I it was a tough race in that first race I took on for Congress I was down by 53 points in the first poll that we did but I came back in one by 11 because I ignored the pundits and instead listen to voters on the ground Margay there’s a piece by your colleague at the time is Jennifer Stein our I love all that she writes but it’s kind of like one giant eye roll at folks like federal Rorick or Steve Bullock who were saying that they don’t want anything to do with the Senate I’m gonna quote a little bit from it the fact that it currently under employed Democrat who is it 0 to 1% in the polls is now treating a chance to serve in the most elite legislative body in the country is a massive booby prize is remarkable statement about the institution well pull on that thread a little bit if we could sure I think one of the things that Democrats could really learn from Republicans especially during the Bush era is how to run for and win every seat from local office up to the White House so it’s not actually just about winning the White House it’s really important to wins then it turns out and Congress but it’s also you know judicial appointments are important State Senate appointments are important because that will redraw your electoral map and I think Democrats still despite the significant losses that they’ve had this year on the Supreme Court they still are not learning that lesson and you know you should have a really deep bench for every office and I think it’s pretty frustrating to those of us who want to see just a robust competitive democracy that Democrats are not getting the message and when you have I don’t know more than a dozen Democratic candidates for president but they’re not interested in in running for Senate I mean something’s kind of wrong there and I think that the Democratic leadership should really take a hard long look at why if local races aren’t that competitive phillipe something becomes have saved my life I get what this is about I get how to preserve the Second Amendment while making sure that we have reasonable restoration to the rate that the vast majority you hearing on the difference you talk to this effective leadership you know I want to learn polish something that the people on both sides of the aisle can respect something that’s reflected by the fact that 96% of Americans want universal background checks on guns that’s something we should be able to have to compromise we should be able to find in the United States Congress Bolton the carbs are massachusetts the candidate for the Democratic nominee

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