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right now by bill maher host of Real Time with Bill Maher on an HBO bill thank you and we miss you and you’re coming back and that’s great within the time you’ve been away and watching this this massacre of democracy this president has been asked whether he’s a Russian agent health you have to go back to the 1940s but Alger Hiss you know the Rosenberg I mean the idea that a president itíd States is accused by the paper of record of weekend working for the bad guys it’s about time I’ve been using the word treason and traitor for the whole time he’s been in office and every guest I’ve had on the show has been saying I was an alarmist and I was overstating the case I don’t hear that anymore I hear those words used a lot more I mean that’s what it is what is it when you plainly are with the people who are not us didn’t we see that in Helsinki plainly he was saying I given the choice I go with President Putin President Putin says he didn’t do it I don’t know why he would can you imagine if Bush after 9/11 had stood on the rubble with the bullhorn and said well bin Laden says he didn’t do it I don’t know why he would have that’s a defense attorneys do what do you make what are you making the fact that if you look at this as just a citizen actor they said the New York Times said the FBI a bunch of bureaucrats really invent not Democrats investigating him because they thought his behavior matched that of an agent he was doing things one after other including firing Comey that seemed to be in the interest of one party the Russians and Putin is there anything in between between guilty as charged an innocent because some people have to say well maybe there was some unwitting helping of the Russians I don’t understand that theory yours no I think what you have to understand about him is that he is this political narcissist I think every article about Donald Trump should begin President Trump who suffers from being a clinical narcissist and then go on with the story because there is no difference in his mind his sick mind between doing what is right for him and doing it what is right for the country he doesn’t I don’t think he thinks in terms of whether he’s betraying anybody there is no betraying there is only what is right and good for Donald Trump so I don’t know how we get out of this except by getting him out of office I mean I wasn’t necessarily for impeachment until recently but I think you have to go ahead and do it I know it’s pretty hard to convict but if you don’t do it with him where is the bar and what what sort of damage is he going to do for the for the next two years that he is there in this office I think the question for everybody is whose side are you on are you on the FBI side I mean he’s got Republicans now attacking the FBI and all our institutions are you with Trump this one man this one Sikh man or are you with the FBI are you with the rule of law are you with Donald Trump are you with judges are you with everything that we basically have built our country on or are you gonna throw it all the way for this one guy I want to know what the Republicans those enablers the Lindsey Graham’s are thinking why are you lying to cover up for this guy and you don’t even know what you’re lying to cover up well that’s a question if you just step back a hundred and one contacts between the Trump people going into the presidency 101 context with Russians I spent my life with pretty much getting around and I haven’t met many Russians maybe one or two by accident it’s all these Russians and I got nothing against people in Russia but how many contexts can you have without somebody saying what’s up even the Republic yes and and this is just what we know what he does plainly what he does in public what he does in front of the cameras I mean his defense seems to be I was only giving orders what we’re gonna find out in the Muller report I have no idea but it’s gonna be more of the same it’s gonna be more of look it’s not that complicated if at some point he couldn’t borrow money from anybody else so he got it from the Russians cut to the hookers in the hotel room I mean that’s what this whole thing is about he is into them he he I don’t know whether it was winning or unwitting and I say when you’re a narcissist like him it doesn’t really matter he doesn’t think that far ahead he just thinks he doesn’t think he says this is what I wish people would start understanding he just says at any given moment what he wishes the reality was I told ya I make em give up as well yes Ted Koppel today and the Washington Post read a beautifully written article saying watch out when this guy’s out of office where the voters kick him out in 2020 or the roller report leads them to be impeached and convicted either way he’s gonna be out there I just looked at his latest numbers Trump’s up at 41 33 percent of those behind him as a third of the country is strongly behind him do you think he’s gonna go you suggested he may not leave yes I’ve always said that he’s going to go when he wants to go I don’t think he was saying this in the last election that it’s rigged to accept anyone and then it wasn’t rigged but if he loses he’s already planted that seed with his people that the whole thing is rigged that they’re all a gun against him you know if you can’t trust the FBI and the Justice Department and the rule of long the judges well then obviously an election can be faked so if everything is fake news and everything is rigged when he loses the election they’re not going to accept that that’s what he knows he has that army in the street that’s what dictators want more than anything else they don’t care about the rule of law they care about the street the gutter had come to power some historian said about Hitler that’s what this is let’s talk about permanent damage you know I you and I read the papers we keep up with countries that it’s like the Congo what’s going on inside Babak poor countries that have just begun experimenting democracy they got tribal differences and every time a guy loses the next number there they claim it was stolen every time they win they try to arrest the guy they beat it’s like Trump is like that a locker up was his his when his when he caught what is his jungle his jingle for the last couple years I mean I’ll arrest Hillary with Clinton as a joke and when he doesn’t like something as you say if he had lost the election in electoral college he would have said it was stolen he’s teaching a good portion of the American people not to trust any objective fact including numbers in an election well that’s how all dictators do it they have to destroy truth first because if people read the paper if people knew what was going on then obviously they would be upset but they don’t and they especially don’t hear it inside the Fox News bubble yes so what you have is someone who can tell you what the truth is they believe him more than they believe what they read in the New York Times because they don’t read the New York Times so you’re left with this situation where there is no truth where you’re just going to pick sides and that’s what we have that’s why we have this terrible by lack of bipartisanship forget about getting anything done in the country we’re just trying to sort of fighting for our life now as a country what do you make it is a Stephen King thing today I’m not talking about the novelist and the guy writes the scary stories this guy from Iowa finally he’s been pushing the envelope for years like Don Imus is to do and now he’s doing it they’ve finally today passed a resolution in the US Congress saying this is awful we don’t believe in white supremacy they’re making it official I mean look where the bar is Chris that we’re cheering the Republicans because they say we don’t believe in white supremacy this is how far down we’ve gone this is where they draw the line I’m glad they drew the line somewhere because I’m beginning to wonder if they would ever draw a line but but again the question we always have to ask is what will the Republicans put up with that’s what it comes down to obviously most of the country thinks that Donald Trump is a dangerous menace so you’re either on that page or you are Pro dangerous menace and if the Republicans are going to go down this road where they are gonna defend him even when he is taking down the Deaf bi the Justice Department those institutions those pillars of our society then I don’t know where we’re gonna go we’re gonna go someplace that isn’t America anymore who could rebuild the country of all the candidates you’re looking at are you ready to look at any and say you see something there that might lead to a truly great presidency coming up of all these 30 people talking about running in 2020 well any presidency would be better I’m glad we’re having a big field because I want Democrats to find the best candidate available I want them to go through a rigorous primary process I think most people are saying that on the left and that’s a good thing so I don’t know about all these people you know people are asking me all the time what do you think of Beto I don’t know you know it’s like a band I I just heard the one song so far I want to hear more but I really don’t know a lot of their stuff and that’s true with a lot of these people and we’re going to find out and that’s what’s good because I want the most talented politician to emerge we all want that we want someone who can beat Donald Trump that’s the most important thing so we’ll find out who that is and I like a lot of the people I see so far you’re a smart guy Bill Maher thank you so much hey there I’m Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we’re putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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