Beto ORourke Pledges Executive Order Requiring Monthly Town Halls for Cabinet Members

In an effort to propose a radically transparent organisation, Democratic nominee Beto O’Rourke on Monday pledged that, as president, he would sign an executive order pressuring all states members of his cabinet to comprise a monthly public town-hall meet.

” Those Cabinet secretaries for those agencies and departments will be forwarded to you , not a hand-picked audience , not a theatrical production but a real life town hall meeting , not just to answer questions but to be held accountable ,” O’Rourke said last” We the People” Summit in Washington , D.C.

His campaign said the proposal is in the tradition of the Texas Democrat &# x27; s numerous town-hall happenings while he served in Congress as well as the more than 350 he held during his 2018 Senate run against Sen. Ted Cruz( R-TX ).

” It is only by listening to those the administration is sworn to serve and represent–by gaining the full benefit of their notions, their experiences, their creativity–that we can come together to confront and overcome the very real challenges before us ,” he said in a written statement.

O’Rourke’s Senate candidacy was characterized by situations of extreme quantity of friendship, including live-streaming of his drives criss-crossing Texas, his haircut appointments, and visits to Whataburger.

Similar to O’Rourke’s proposal, during the 2008 presidential campaign, Sen. John McCain( R-AZ) proposed question-and-answer sessions with Congress, akin to the British tradition of “ministers ” taking the questions put by the representatives of Parliament.

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