‘Awe’ over preserved 1880s artisan house

artist Image copyright John Sutton/ Geograph Image caption Outside it is an ordinary terraced house in what was once a working class district of Cambridge

An artist who helped regenerate a terraced home to how it appeared more than 100 years ago said she was “deeply in awe” at the knowledge of a Victorian worker.

David Parr, who worked for a firm used by 19 th Century master craftsmen, covered his Cambridge home with lavish blueprints from the 1880 s.

A charity was set up in 2014 to preserve the Gwydir Street house.

Saskia Huning procreated some missing wall paintings ahead of its opening for public tours on 16 May.

Artistries and Crafts Exhibition Society Image copyright Howard Rice/ David Parr House Image caption A benevolence was set up to preserve the house in 2014
Artistry and Crafts Movement Image copyright Robyn Butler/ David Parr House Image caption Inside the walls are covered in paintings and the doors are painted to simulate different wood grains

She said she soon realised Parr had “a really good head for design, as well as has become a terrific craftsman and artist”.

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