Are You Smart Enough For Your Age?

[Music] how smart are you for your age have you ever wondered how smart you are for your age Brightside will give you a great chance to find this out here are the rules you will need to answer 15 questions and you will get five points for each right answer don’t forget to count the points because you will need them to interpret the results at the end of the video so let’s start one let’s start with something simple what is the largest country in the world a Canada B Russia C China D India and the right answer is Russia it covers 6.6 million square miles so much space – what is the closest planet to the Sun a Mars B Jupiter see Pluto D mercury of course it’s mercury a year on Mercury is just 88 days by the way as of 2006 Pluto is not a planet anymore the definition of the planet was changed and poor Pluto failed to fit the description now how about some history three who dies first a Charles Dickens B Adolf Hitler C Charles Darwin deep Queen Victoria Charles Dickens was the first to die [Music] number four what’s the square root of 169 a 12 b 15 C 13 D 25 well this one is pretty easy it’s 13 fine how many sides does a cube have a 10 b 6 c 8d depends on the size of the queue of course it doesn’t depend on the size of the cube it has 6 sides no matter what 6 why is the sky blue a because it reflects off the ocean B because of the North Pole C because of Earth’s atmosphere the right answer is C the thing is light that comes from the Sun scatters in the atmosphere of our planet shorter waves scatter more that’s why all we have left from the visible light is the blue color 7 what is the capital of Bulgaria a Rome be Bucharest see Sofia D Bratislava all right it’s Sofia let’s go to the next question 8 what is the largest animal a bear be the blue whale see tiger D elephant [Music] the largest animal in the world is the blue whale it can be as big as 140 tons can you even imagine such a giant thing by the way you can watch a great video on our channel about 10 cute animals that can actually kill you number 9 who wrote The Catcher in the Rye a JD Salinger B am Hemingway c FS Fitzgerald DJA Steinbeck this book was written by JD Salinger everyone should know this stuff 10 which vitamin is abundant in citrus fruits a vitamin A B vitamin B C vitamin C D vitamin D you know C citrus easy to memorize doctors say that when you are sick you should eat oranges because they have a lot of vitamin C and it helps you to recover faster 11 who defined the law of gravitation a Newton B Archimedes C Galileo deed Einstein the right answer is Newton you probably know the story about an Apple falling on his head we’re not sure if the story is true but Newton was definitely the first one who defined the law of gravitation 12 where is bullfighting the national game a Italy beat France see Spain D Poland bullfighting or carita is the national game in Spain however as of 2010 bullfighting was banned in Catalonia but not yet in the rest of Spain [Music] thirteen who composed the four seasons a Mozart B Bach C Beethoven D Vivaldi the Four Seasons which is a beautiful piece of music was composed by Antonio Vivaldi fourteen what is the name of the device that is used to see objects on the surface from a submarine a periscope B telescope C spectroscope deep kaleidoscope the right answer is periscope and now for the last question 15 the headquarters of the UNESCO is at a New York B Paris see Rome D London this organization is situated in Paris France now it’s time to calculate the results you get five points for each right answer now enter your score into the calculator and divided by your age but if you are younger than ten divided by ten and if you are older than 18 divide your score by 18 now when you have a number at six to it and let’s check what your score means you are extremely smart you have a great general knowledge congratulations you are intelligent enough for your age this is a good result it means you should read more books and learn harder to improve your general knowledge are you satisfied with your result tell us in the comment section below don’t forget to like this video and send it to your friends to compare your results with them and of course click subscribe to join us on the bright side of life [Music]

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