Apple partners with Oakland nonprofit Dream Corps on Swift coding initiative

Apple this morning announced a new partnership designed to civilize more people to code applying its own programming language, Swift. The company says it’s now working with the Oakland-based nonprofit organization Dream Corps on its own initiative, which will see Apple technology along with curriculum steering, professional assist and advocacy to people in centre and high schools, college and beyond.

The nonprofit currently controls its own learn-to-code program called #YesWeCode, which has graduated 100 people to date and residence around 60 percentage in tech tasks. Its long-term objective is to help 100,000 young person from underrepresented backgrounds to be able to set for jobs in tech.

“I assure Dream Corps as a Peace Corps for the American Dream, ” said CEO Vien Truong, in the following statement. Truong assembled the organization in 2015, and is herself the youngest of 11 babes born to an immigrant pair who migrated from Vietnam in the 1970 s, Apple likewise noted.

“It’s about stirring sure that we can help support people who lived or grew up in communities like mine. And this partnership with Apple will help unlock the untapped genius and endowment within those communities, which will allow a new generation to achieve their dreams ,” she added.


Dream Corps is now working with the Mayor’s Office and City of Oakland to find a point for a dedicated room to support the program with Apple and other workforce development initiatives. Apple says it’s expected to open its programme of afterwards this year in the Bay Area.

Apple’s investment in programming training and development is part of its larger Community Education Initiative. But partnerships like this aren’t the only behavior Apple is pushing people to learn to code with Swift.

Since the language’s introduction in 2014, Apple has rolled out various these programmes and tools aimed at helping introduce more people to Swift, includes the 2016 propel of kids coding app Swift Playgrounds; expansions of its own” Everyone Can Code” program across the U.S. and elsewhere in the world; the addition of free coding hearings at its retail store; and it has offered educational tools, software and curriculum for schoolteachers .

For Apple, all of we are talking about ensuring there’s a new generation of developers learning its tools and Swift, in order to develop new apps for its pulpits, iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

At last year’s WWDC event, Apple CEO Tim Cook said there were 20 million registered developers on iOS who collectively made about $100 billion in receipts, while the App Store looked some 500 million guests per week.

As more of Apple’s business switchings to its growing Service business instead of just iPhone marketings, it’s critical to ensure the developer pipeline remains open and accessible.

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