Another Tesla driver burned to death

there has been another deadly crash involving a Tesla and the driver was not able to get out of the car Wow the scene is really corrent right we’ve looked at some of these pictures throughout the day and you know what’s really weird about this it’s not even the first time it’s happened right there in that general vicinity it’s like my neighborhood it’s where I grew up it’s in Miami in fact not far from there two teams were recently burned to death inside almost the same Tesla this is just back in 2018 our T correspondent John huddy has more from Miami a man was burned beyond recognition according to police after crashing his Tesla Sunday afternoon in the South Florida city of Davie this is eyewitness video of the aftermath cops say speed was likely a factor in the gruesome accident in which the vehicle swerved across three lanes of traffic hitting a median and several trees before bursting in the flames firefighters said they couldn’t open the car doors a man was trapped inside to make matters worse after the vehicle was towed from the crash scene the car continued to reignite with city fire officials blaming the electric battery it’s the latest deadly incident involving a Tesla raising more concerns about the car’s safety and in particular the autopilot feature and electric battery earlier this month a New Jersey man blamed his ex model Tesla’s auto pilot for a crash in which the vehicle owner said the car swerved to the right sending him into the median before the driver said he was able to correct the turn and avoid slamming into a sign head-on he was lucky last year several deadly crashes involving Tesla vehicles made headlines including this one in Silicon Valley when a 38 year old man was killed when his Tesla driving on autopilot sped up and slammed into a concrete barrier that according to investigators the National Transportation Safety Board said in a report that the car battery also caused the car to catch fire Tesla’s auto pilot was first enabled in October 2015 the system combines radar controlled cruise control with automatic steering to stay within the painted lanes the first recorded fatality blamed on the feature was in Florida in two 2016 when a Model S Tesla crashed into a truck that turned into its path Tesla maintains the autopilot is intended for use only with a fully attentive driver who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time still the feature is controversial with some critical of the overconfidence put in it by some drivers and even Tesla boss Elon Musk who last year encouraged people to try the autopilot feature and continues to push for so-called driverless cars but Tesla’s autopilot feature and its functionality is enough of a concern that European safety regulators haven’t approved it yet so the model 3 is on sale now in Europe are not equipped with it at least not yet anyway you know this doesn’t look good for Tesla John I got to tell you although I also want to be fair right because there you know the big shiny object that’s getting all the attention right now is there reason to believe that Tesla is more culpable than any other car manufacturer right now or you know is this just one of those deals where we look at it because it’s happening coincidentally in the same area same car same situation and my gosh the videos tough to look at right yeah it is look it’s a great question and I think that it’s worth asking the questions about the safety aspects of the of the autopilot yeah feature because this has come up I mean it was responsible for that fatal crash in Mountain View California last year that according to the National Transportation Safety Board but Tesla will maintain on the other hand that in ratio to the number of miles driven by these cards that these crashes are very low and that you have to basically kind of look at the big picture however as far as you know just going back to this latest deadly crash here in Florida wreck the cause remains under investigation and just some background here it’s unclear as of yet if the driver was using the autopilot feature or if he was simply going too fast and lost control that is part of the investigation I called the police department today they said they’re still looking at everything further it’s also unclear if the doors were locked because of some kind of malfunction or mechanical error trapping horrendously that driver inside regardless Tesla released a statement I called they they referred me to this saying we are deeply saddened by this accident and our thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy we have reached out to the local authorities to offer our cooperation we understand that speed is being investigated as a factor in this crash and know that high-speed collisions can result in a fire in any type of car not just electric vehicles and quote John huddy we thank you so much for that report I’m glad we got you they’re asking these questions and you know what we’re gonna continue to ask them you know that’s what we’re here to do thanks so much my friend understand Chaz you found us on YouTube and that’s awesome but you know what I’m also live every night at 7 and 8 p.m. Eastern on DirecTV and Dish and cable and satellite the RT app oh and Pluto TV I’ll see you there

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