Another port-free phone emerges

In the future, everything will be a screen. Glass, hats, shoes, windows. You’ll turn on the faucet and tub in screens. Sure, the majority of members of us have, at best, a love-hate relation with the things, but we’ll likely never be able to quit them.

The Apex 2019 is Chinese smartphone producer Vivo’s recent bid to go all-in on all-screen. In happening, the concept phone ditches the front-facing camera wholly, rather than the pop-up technique the company has previously indicated off. As I’ve mentioned, I wouldn’t be averse to trenching the front-facing camera altogether, and here it seems to be in assistance of another emerging mobile tendency: the seamless smartphone.

Meizu was , notably, first out of the gate here with the Zero, which debuted earlier the coming week. With MWC only over the range, we could, perhaps, be seeing more of these in the coming weeks, though “concept” is currently the operative message here. And, as our colleagues at Engadget note, while the handset is a lack of USB ports, talker grilles, headphone jacks and the like, there’s still a small gap for the microphone. But hey , nobody’s perfect.

Again, all of this appears to be pushing toward the inevitable. There exists potential compromises in the service of creating a perfect little sliver of a smartphone — there are wireless accusing rates and the sound character of a resonant showing versus an old-fashioned orator.

But hey, that’s what concept designs are for.

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