And the Jeff Bezos dick pic commentary has begun

It’s perhaps best that you’re sitting down for this.

The National Enquirer threatened to publish Jeff Bezos’ dick pics if he didn’t rein in his personal investigator, and in response the Amazon CEO posted about it on Medium. AMI later claimed it had “acted lawfully” and would investigate Bezos’ allegations.

Taking a page out of Alexander Hamilton’s revenge book, he wrote a lengthy post about security incidents and owned up to the nudes he mailed, “rather than capitulate to extortion and blackmail.”

Once Bezos tweeted a link to the post, “theres only” a matter of time before the dick pic commentary began.

Some couldn’t get over the bizarre scenario.

Twitter consumers also praised Bezos — shrugging off nudes because you have the money to is truly a baller move.

Others exactly … genuinely didn’t want to think about a horny billionaire’s genitals.

There was an abundance of puns and notes to Amazon’s moderately scaring commerce practices.

There were also reactions to Bezos’ use of “complexifier, ” which probably isn’t the word he was trying to use.

UPDATE: Feb. 8, 2019, 9:28 a.m. EST This narrative has been updated to include affirmation from AMI.

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