An Insane Jeopardy! Run, How to Prep for 4/20, and More

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Jeopardy ! legend Ken Jennings on James Holzhauer &# x27; s record lead: &# x27; It &# x27; s utterly insane &# x27;

Last week, James Holzhauer placed a new record on &# x27; Jeopardy !&# x27; for the most prizes in a single play. This week, he smashed his own record and now comprises the four highest-scoring competitions in the prove &# x27; s history. He now exclusively trails one contestant in overall victories: Ken Jennings. You may recollect Jennings as the record holder for the longest win flash( and a slew of other records ). But lest you thought he was envious of Holzhauer, Jennings is actually loving it , and offered his advice, and his hullabaloo, about the opportunities offered by more record-shattering to come.

How to cook your meal for tomorrow &# x27; s … celebrations

Tomorrow is 4/20. For some it will only be another period, but for others who plan on “celebrating” with yummy treats, here &# x27; s how to constitute them as delicious( and efficient) as possible . You &# x27; re welcome.

Cocktail Conversation

You may often been talking about successful people &# x27; s deficiency of sleep, but sleep deprivation is nothing to boast about. Not had enough acquires you dumber, more forgetful, more vulnerable to cancer, and generally hurt more, according to neuroscientist Matthew Walker. So don &# x27; t feel bad about leaving the party early anymore. It &# x27; s for your health.

WIRED Recommends: Motorola &# x27; s Moto G7 lineup

It doesn &# x27; t have to cost thousands of dollars to get a good phone. Motorola &# x27; s Moto G7 lineup gives three good reasons to consider a cheaper Android telephone this year( they &# x27; re all between $200 – $300 ), and we rated them a uncommon 9/10.

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The drama encircling the Mueller report is far from over. Now Democrats are feeling pres to impeach the President .

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