[Music] [Applause] some people move on bananas not us doctor so view boys how do you do it you ready higher for the foster babies faster try to keep up [Music] I’m dealing with the future of the planet [Music] under necessary shops of the system I am human evolutionary change bulletproof superhuman hella you bad guy the mission has been compromised we need help [Music] our targets name is Brixton he’s a ghost we’re gonna need the best trackers in the business lucasz on what you call a nice cold can of whoop-ass career lawmen always gets his guy we’re gonna need to operate outside the system Deckard Shaw I’m what you might call a champagne problem rogue former mi6 agent doesn’t play well with others if we stand a chance against bridge today you guys have to work together [Applause] this job requires stealth look at ya I’m trying to save the world which for the record maybe my fourth time cuz I’m really good at it you have no idea what we’re dealing with Hobbs is sure you know in a war you’ve gone remember me what [Music] three shocks will kill a man there we go the bad guy spits oh I’ve got big mouth huh yeah I thought it was cool things in the moment [Music] I read a rule in Hell than serve in heaven there are watches all over the city destroyed the girl don’t underestimate who I am battle angel rated pg-13 February 14th you know how sometimes things line up coincidences since we’ve been up here they’ve been happening more and more it’s like there’s this black cloud hanging over us there’s a family in our driveway who is that run [Applause] [Music] writted are wow this place is amazing what a buzz gonna meet us here he must be held up somewhere hey up here Astro Boy if you think you can take our top prize spots your room dead wrong help me get out of here operation wonder park is it go [Music] they said it couldn’t be done said it couldn’t be done they who’s they it’s just an expression don’t bust me on a technicality I never want you to stop using your imagination but without wrecking the name rod the ever feel like wonder Park is real of course it could be you can create anything you imagine from paramount animation and Nickelodeon movies this year what if the park you always imagine I’m in wonder Park came to life the chimpanzees are tearing apart the park we need to fight back Oh No seems I have backed into the middle of something backing out beep-beep on March 15th it’s time to bring Wonder Park back to life who’s with me oh I still believe in you if you can imagine it you can ride it the sky Twitter the fantastic fish carousel 0g land i’m Morla two feet on the ground kind of guy the Wonder coaster you guys did block the wheels right oh that’s what this is for [Music] this is beginning to feel like a terrible turn of events for us all within wonder Park is March 15th [Music] [Music]

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