Aladdins Naomi Scott Says Her Identity Is in Christ Alone: “My Faith Is Just Part of Who I Am”


Actress Naomi Scott is stirring headlines across the nation for her phenomenal achievement in Disney’s live-action “Aladdin” movie that hitting theaters last-place month.

“Looks like the genie granted Disney’s wish, ” Wire wittily reported after the cinema raked in an impressive $110 million at the box office over Memorial Day weekend.

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Co-starring alongside Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Will Smith as the genie, Scott dazzled audiences with her grandeur and charm as Princess Jasmine.

But while Scott acknowledges the accolades, she made it clear in a recent interrogation with Compassion U.K. that she is not a woman who lives for the kudo of being. The actress opened up about how her faith life and identity in Christ have influenced her career.


“Sometimes[ my husband and I] get asked the question,’ How do you juggle your religion and whatever it is you do? ’ But for me, I don’t know how I would do life without my religion, ” said Scott.

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The “Aladdin” star explained that she doesn’t perceive her faith as a separate entity from her job, but rather as a defining characteristic integrated into who she is as a person.

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“That peace that you know you’re enjoyed and appreciated is something that stops me improbably grounded, fantastically focused, ” she interpreted. “Quite frankly, I don’t see it as this separate thing, this add-on thing. My faith is just a part of who I am and what I do.”

While the wild success of Aladdin has certainly taken her and husband Jordan Spence on a’ sorcery carpet ride’ beyond their wildest dreams, Scott remains incredibly grounded and notes comfort in recognize “shes not” defined by these worldly measures.

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“Life is incredibly exciting at the moment, there’s a lot going on, ” said the actress. “We just think wow. God’s grace. But no matter what happens , no matter what somebody says about me on Twitter, whatever the future holds, be informed that that doesn’t define me is incredible. To know that doesn’t inform my identity in any way shape or pattern( although it’s easier said than done sometimes ). That’s going to be the thing preserving me exiting. Keeping the most important thing, the most important thing throughout.”

Amidst a Hollywood scene often submerge with anti-Christian sentimentalities, it’s certainly refreshing to hear these messages of wisdom from a daughter of the King who knows her worth isn’t dictated by the big screen.

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