Adele Spotted In NYC Kissing Mystery Man Who Looks A LOT Like Her Estranged Husband… – Perez Hilton

Get after it, Adele !

The British singing superstar

According to Page Six, Angelo ‘ s famous momma was spotted out in NYC this week enjoying a enthusiastic kiss with what’s only being described as a” furry-faced whodunit being .”

Some say he was something of a Simon look-alike, in fact, has said that the 25 singer sure does have a kind that she likes to go after !!!

According to a source, the new whodunit gentleman has apparently been on various secret appointments recently with the Grammy winner — though it’s nothing TOO serious right now,

Of course … exactly because they’re kissing at a bar, it does NOT mean they’re going to get serious or anything — so don’t threw the cart before the horse here!

The source doubled down on that, cautioning everybody that Adele is just having fun and doesn’t want to jump into anything so serious this quickly after a big-time breakup with the parent of their own children( below ):

” They’re getting to know each other better, but Adele is by no means looking for anything serious. Her son, Angelo, is her main focus. She’s young and having fun. Her sidekicks have even been joking that she should download Tinder.”


Well, maybe not about the Tinder segment … but all the rest of it about being young and having fun !!

What do U speculate, Perezcious readers ?! Are you happy to see Adele out and about and having fun again ??? Sound off with all your thoughts and beliefs in the comments( below )!!!

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