A Deep Dive Into The New Generation Of Celebrity Kid Influencers

As a society, we are obsessed with luminaries. I personally spend approximately 75% of my working day on luminary gab blogs( don’t tell my boss, k thanks !). I look at their attires, make fun of their mugshots, and am wondering why they got their abs to look like that. Seriously though, is that newborn petroleum they use? But now, a lot of the classic -Alist celebrities are getting age-old. Not even the uber-rich can escape that brutal animal known as Father Time. I symbolize, have you looked at Johnny Depp lately? Perhaps spend less duration garmenting like a pirate and more duration expending moisturizer, honey!

Luckily for us, these relics of yesteryear seen equally beautiful marriages to procreate with, and the result is a captain race of personality children, who have collectively decided it’s time to become famous. Since you already know Olivia Jade, I’m going to leave her off the list, but these are the cool kids she’d hang out with at institution if she, you are familiar, ever went to academy. So let me introduce you to the genetically-blessed celebrity kid influencers that “youve been” ought to know, the ones that reflect so bright they’re destined to become “self-made” billionaires.

Kaia Gerber

Parents : The most iconic simulate of all time, Cindy Crawford, and that guy who owns a tequila company, Rande Gerber
Age : 17
Insta adherents : 4.2 million
Known For : Shaping her runway entry at age 16

Even if Kaia Gerber wasn’t created in a lab and genetically engineered to have the exact same DNA as her father, she would have been #blessed. Kaia grew up in Malibu with momma Cindy and papa Rande, who just so happen to be George Clooney’s best friend and co-owner of the tequila label Casamigos. A life of never-ending sunburn with limitless margs? Sign. Me. Up.

Four days after Kaia turned 16, she trod her first runway for Calvin Klein and hasn’t examined back. In 2018 she won the totally legit voicing “Model of the Year” award and is the face of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy fragrance. Cool. When I was 16, I was still speaking Baby-Sitters Club works and pretending not to, but sure, jet-setting all over Europe and posing for British Vogue seems cool very. If you don’t know Kaia’s name already, you will soon. Her family is insanely connected, and every designer with sees wants to work with her because she’s like, really pretty.

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Lily-Rose Depp

Parents : Professional pirate Johnny Depp and French simulation Vanessa Paradis
Age : 19
Insta Followers : 3.3 million
Known For : Being one of Karl Lagerfeld’s muses

Lily-Rose Depp is the human personification of the cool-girl trope. I’m afraid of her only from looking at her Instagram. She smokes! She wears thin cistern pinnacle! She’s French! She devised the resting bitch face! Oh, she’s on her way here? Excuse me while I exit hide in the lavatory.

Lily-Rose’s parents may have saddled her with a repetitive doubled bloom first name but that’s the only uncool thing about her. Lily-Rose has been a Chanel ambassador since she was 15, handpicked by the kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld( RIP ). She’s also appeared in multiple Kevin Smith movies alongside his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith.

And of course, the cool girlfriend snagged the hottest guy in school, the Oscar-nominated, Louis Vuitton harness-wearing angel baby we all know as Timothee Chalamet. Can we get a Cruel Intentions remake starring these two delight? Because that would be red-hot af, and I gambling Lily-Rose already has the cross pendant extended* wink *.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Parents : Ahhhhhnold and Maria Shriver, member of the Kennedy family
Age : 25
Insta adherents : 1.2 million
Known For : His heartbreaking achievement in Midnight Sun , a sad intrigue about a girl allergic to the sunlight. I’ll let you use your imagination to determine if it was good or not.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is the descendent of American royalty( his mama is niece to JFK, Bobby, and Ted Kennedy ), and an Austrian bodybuilder who is known for mentions like “It’s not a tumor !, ” and “I’ll be back! ” There was no way this luminary kid wasn’t going to be famous. He looks like his movie star dad( even though they are not as much as the kid his papa had with the housekeeper ), and has the charisma of his momma, who is a Tv correspondent.

Patty has three movies coming up in the next year or so, and his sister is marrying Chris Pratt in the descent. So get ready for him to be all up in your face. And if you don’t know him as the person who cranks out movies that should have gone instantly to video, perhaps you’ll remember him as the man who briefly filled the Liam-shaped hole in Miley Cyrus’s heart. That is, until, Liam was cool with her grinding on foam fingers and she discontinued Patrick like hot garbage.

Ava Phillippe

Parents : Gemini vegetarian Reese Witherspoon, and the most wonderful on-screen scoundrel in the entire teen-movie genre, Ryan Phillippe
Age: 19
Insta adherents : 715,000
Known For : being a “normal” teen whose parents exactly happen to be famous

Ava is our least try-hard personality kid. Yes, she did pose looks a lot like an ethereal attractivenes for Rodarte’s Fall 2018 collection, and yes, she did blueprint a shirt for her mom’s apparel path, Draper James, and yes, people like Mindy Kaling provide comments on her Instagram all the time, but she’s normal, guys! And I’m totally not envious of her at all! I’m pretty sure she goes to college right now( what, like it’s hard ?), and is basically only living their own lives as the prototype of the all-American girlfriend, while sometimes dispersing in some occupations. I think we have a few years before Ava truly becomes an -Alist celeb in her own right( perhaps she can play Annette in our Lily-Rose/ Timothee Cruel Intentions remake ?), but that’s good because it “ve been given” some time to skin her and wear her as a dres.

And those are the celebrity kids that should be on your radar! They’re all fine, but if we’re being real, what I’m genuinely waiting for is the day Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, and Hazel Moder( daughter of Julia Roberts) become famous and bump all these losers to the Z-list.

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