93-Year-Old Granny Josies Dying Wish to Be Arrested Just Once Gets Granted

93-year-old Jose Bird’s health was failing and she told family and working friends she was sad to have never checked off one thing in particular on her container roster: to be arrested just once, for something.

Her granddaughter, Pam Smith, says her Gran has a heart of amber and has been’ good all her life’. She wanted to somehow fulfill one of her dying wishes, so she approached the Greater Manchester Police with a unusual request.

In an interrogation with The Guardian, Chief Inspector Denise Pye of the forcea

s City of Manchester division said:


The focus of our PCSOs is heavily driven by our community and how we can support them. On this party, and for a short period of time a

we were able to fulfil the wishes of an elderly lady, and present her a day to remember.

We can reassure the rest of the community that while this was happening, officers from across the area were continuing with their duties to ensure this short visit had no impact whatsoever on the wider region. We crave the community to feel reassured in our proximity and comfy in approaching any of our detectives when they realize us out and about.”[ source]

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