7 Useless Beauty Products That Are Just A Waste Of Money Betches

I don’t think it’s exactly a red-hot take to say that we maybe all invest too much money on unnecessary sh* t we don’t need( like when your momma gives you $40 and you immediately go and expend it … plus $ 60 more … on online shopping ). Beauty including with regard to is one domain in life where it’s super easy to overspend. It seems like nowadays, there’s a hyperspecific beauty product for every single minute part of your torso and face. Like, we have seeing primer and cheek primer and face primer, which are( supposedly) all different things that are not interchangeable. Let’s cut to the chase–the makeup industry is full of unnecessary makes … products that I’ve purchased and own. But, save yourself! SAVE YOUR MONEY. Here are some pointless allure products you are able to cut out of your life.

1. Foundation Brush

I own a few. Not sure why, though. To be completely honest, I stopped expending footing cleans when I discovered beauty sponges. Now, those are a MIRACLE. I hate streaky footing because, well, who likes streaky footing? A charm sponge evens out my makeup and leaves it seamless. Everyone talks about foundation cleans and how they are amazing, but charm sponges are less costly and do the job just as well. Shed away your “foundation” brushes, and is moving forward, ladies. They are toxic. End your relationship and start dating a glamour sponge.


BEAUTYBLENDER beautyblender( r) nude

2. Waterproof Mascara

I’m confused on what the point of a waterproof mascara truly is, unless( god outlaw) you’re attending a funeral. Why would you want it to last-place? How long do you want it to last? Did you know leaving mascara on for an extended period of time injuries your flogs? If you leave it on for more than your normal date profession, you’re destroying your lashes. It’s a happening! You likewise have to use a makeup remover that they are able to get these kinds of commodity off. It’s WATERPROOF. Do you think washing your been confronted with water like normal people do will take it off? No, sweetie. Get yourself a regular-degular mascara and call it a day.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

3. Brow Gel

As some of you may know, I am a glamour guru, and one of the perks of has become a attractivenes guru includes receiving PR PACKAGES! It’s like Christmas every day! Labels love to send products to us, and duh, of course I’m going to try them out! One day, I applied a eyebrow gel I received in a PR package and I use it every time I got done doing my brows because well, I Get IT FOR FREE, WHY WOULDN’T I? Then I came to the realization that if I didn’t get it sent to me free of charge, would I acquire it in stores? No. Girl, the answer is no. It’s pointless. It genuinely does nothing to my eyebrows but add a little more color. But uh, so does my eye brow pencil and some Vaseline/ eyelash serum/ clear lipgloss. Use that.

Christmas every day

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

4. Bronzer

BRONZEEEEER! OH MAN! I’m gonna hinder this one short, sweet, and simple. Invest in a contour palette. The shades in the contour palette are almost identical to your bronzer colours. Just use your contour palette and bronze with those shades. Remember, bronzer is for demonstrating colouring to the face and contour is for affording definition to the face. Switch from your contour brushing to your bronzer brushing and come off, sis.



5. Mini Mascara

Even more so than waterproofed mascara, this is the most pointless mascara to invest in. People use mini mascara for the rod because it is specifically made to get into your underside flogs. Can I be real here? DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT! Just use your regular mascara rod. Trust me, it drives just as well. It drove before it was a thing and it operates now.

forward , ladies

MAYBELLINE Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara

6. Lipstick Primer

We need a primer to paint a house, even a automobile. But not for your lips. Lipstick primer is another waste of your money. It’s all about the formula. If you find a good lipstick with a solid formula, then you’re good to go. Do you want a matte cheek? Test out formulas that work best for you. A heap of people automatically jump-start to opinions when their lipstick starts coming off when they dine. “It said it was matte! Why is it coming off ?! ” Most nutrients have an oil of some sort, and petroleum will break up any type of lip product “youve had”. I think any lip primer is pointless. Your lipstick is going to come off eventually and that is okay. It’s a lipstick , not a cheek stain!

hyperspecific beauty product

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

7. Moisturizer

The only time I use moisturizer is when I wake up and before I rest my pretty head to sleep. But before my makeup? Na. POINTLESS. I know so many beauty gurus who have publicly put online that they use a moisturizer before they prime for their makeup. But why? Why not use a primer that is hydrating and will do the same responsibility? Remember, primer is the first base you set on your face. It’s supposed to stick to your face so your makeup lasts longer. So if you moisturize before then, it’s not being applied immediately on your skin, which is defeating the whole is the subject of PRIMER. If you find a hydrating primer, that will do the job perfectly and save you from wasting a moisturizer. Its a 2-in-1. Take my admonition!

Industrial ecology

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

One word: USELESS. All 7 of these allure commodities are USELESS. We don’t need them. Don’t feel bad that you wasted your fund on them, though. Sometimes we get so caught up in envisioning there is an urgent need for certain components to see us look poppin ‘, but the truth is, we already are poppin ‘. So let’s save, and spend on allure makes that really work.

Portraits: Jake Peterson/ Unsplash; Glossier; Amazon; Sephora( 3 ); Ulta( 2 )

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