50 Of The Funniest Classical Art Memes Ever (New Pics)

There’s something about classical artwork that simply turns me off. Endless portraits of pale and plump aristocrats, bucolic rural scenes, religious iconography … I can certainly acknowledge the skill and relevance back in the pre-photography age, but these days we need a message!

What better lane to make these historical artifacts more accessible to the youth of today than to turn them into memes? Entertaining, amusing and easily shareable, a whole new generation is being exposed to the genius of Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Goya and pals, albeit with a cheeky modern spin that would likely induce them turn in their tombs if they knew.

We here at Bored Panda have compiled a hilarious listing of our favorite classical art memes, to help you decipher what those enigmatic old artists were really trying to say! Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and if you find yourself thirsting for more, there is a previous list here!

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# 2

# 3

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