5 Mainstream Health Habits That Trick You Into Feeling Lousy

The most successful people around the world are SO EXCITED to call themselves that. Hard-charging, in-leaning, unstoppable titans of manufacture want everyone to know it. One of their favorite braggings: never sleeping more than a few hours a nighttime. Is that actually a cool thing? Should all of us tell ourselves get talked into that lifestyle? And are a cluster of our everyday habits that kind of smart-seeming bad health capture?

On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt sits down with Jason Pargin ( who writes for the area as David Wong ). They want you to hang in there, sidekick. If there’s one takeaway from today’s occurrence( and there are so many more than only one !) it’s that you oughta receive all the health support you can get from others and from yourself. Other takeaways: an enormous assortment of fascinating facts about our forms, our culture, and the crusade they’re in at all times if we’re not careful.

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