30 Hilarious Reactions To Trump Declaring A National Emergency

When you hear the term ‘national emergency,’ perhaps it brings to mind doomsday ‘Day After Tomorrow’ or ‘Independence Day’ scenarios – but in fact, there were 31 active national emergencies ongoing in the U.S until recently and most people probably didn’t know. Which is why when President Donald Trump declared the 32nd national emergency in an ongoing battle for his U.S-Mexico border wall, he didn’t get the response he expected.

Saturday Night Live responded with a classic Alec Baldwin parody sketch of the announcement and then Twitter took it from there. Online users tweeted out how they were surviving since the ominous declaration with the hashtag #NotesFromNationalEmergency and it is clear the nation is suffering from nothing short of a zombie apocalypse. Scroll down below to see how people are handling the end of days and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

Alec Baldwin


A man has to protect his dog at any cost



American people of German descent


Ethnic music is everywhere and the people of Los Angeles can’t escape


American writers


Bird Box 2 : Candada




This man is having a national emergency inside his house



Climate change skepticism and denial


When you have to announce an emergency to stay trending


Day After Tomorrow


Is this what they mean when they say fake news?


Donald Trump


Emergencies can cause friends to turn on each other


Economy of the United States


There is nothing like cold hard facts during troubled times



Foreign policy of the Donald Trump administration


It’s only a matter of time before things turn into The Walking Dead


Independence Day


Is this National Emergency real or is this a West World simulation?




A border is a border right?



Online users


Trump might need a bigger wall to keep out these travelers





Right-wing populism in the United States


This person was just trying to help out their local I.C.E agents but it was not appreciated


The Apprentice


It turns out Mexican products have already traveled over in a produce caravan




Kids or a caravan? Either way this person has noisy neighbors


United States


Time to load up on all the essentials: food, water and gas before they run out


Alec Baldwin


Maybe the country on the other border will accept undocumented immigrants?


American people of German descent


In a country full of immigrants imagine hearing people speaking other languages – the horror


American writers


if there is a wall how will the Mexican avocados pass through?




So many types of Vans it is easy to get confused



Climate change skepticism and denial


National emergency: over half the staff at Mar-a-log can no longer work there


Day After Tomorrow


There are signs everywhere that things are happening – and it’s only day 2


Donald Trump


During a national emergency it’s important to keep sharp eyes and an alert mind


Economy of the United States


“Bought provisions (wine and tequila). Was fully prepared to loot, though it seemed unnecessary and perhaps unwelcome at Whole Foods.”


Foreign policy of the Donald Trump administration


No walls to protect the corned beef but the spam is protected


Independence Day


We all have our own methods of surviving a national emergency, some are a bit more relaxing than others




Write to your loved ones across the nation to make sure they are safe during this troubling time


Online users


This man just discovered that his co-worker is not who he thought he was




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