2019 Tech I’m Ready For!

[Music] hey what is up guys I’m Kip EHD here happy new year and I’m excited for 2019 Tech and I tweeted that little while ago some people are asking what’s so exciting about 2019 why not 2018 Tech what’s the big deal but it just seems like there’s a lot of stuff on the horizon that’s highly anticipated at least that I’m looking forward to a lot so this videos all those things one place and who knows maybe we can look back on this video in a couple months and see if any of these things or all of these things actually happen so number one that first thing is the Samsung Galaxy S 10 both as a whole phone overall and also specifically that that punch out hole hole cut display so I said in the smartphone Awards that a lot of the most interesting designs and innovation that we saw in smartphones in 2018 came from trying to go full screen bezel lists and also avoid the notch and that’s where we got these crazy like mechanical things as sliders and pop-ups and all that and in 2019 I think there’s gonna be a lot more of that but Samsung has a lot of hype for the Galaxy S 10 because it looks like they’re basically going to be the one manufacturer that in their flagship devices has managed to keep the headphone jack and avoid the knotch through 2018 and 2019 and the way they’ll do it is with this punch out display so we’ve seen tons of renders now and concepts of what we’re expecting which is a single front-facing camera a hole punch cutout for the Galaxy S ten and a dual front facing cameras for the galaxy s 10 plus and Samsung’s talked about this on stage before they call it the Infinity o display so I don’t know if you want to call it that I’ll probably never say those words again but it’s really curious to me I think it’s actually not that dramatically different from a knotch just because the pixels around those cutouts are not really useful it’s not like you’re putting like the time or your battery or some information up there it’s basically useless pixels up there still but it looks visually different from a notch because it still lights up so while it’s technically still a notch it’s different I don’t know it’s kind of a genius play and I think it’s not only Samsung we’re gonna see doing this but there are others there’s already a huawei phone that does it and I think early in the year we’re probably gonna see three or four other phones instantly start to do this and I also kind of wish it was in the middle I might maybe I’m the only one I think maybe if Samsung doesn’t do it someone else will but the hole punch cut out infant you know the thing that they’re doing with the screen I find that really interesting and I hope to see some other versions of it but generally smartphone innovation on the way to the Galaxy S ten is really exciting which brings me to the number two thing I’m looking forward to which is specifically the new iPhone there’s a bunch more reasons for that number one being I mean it’s that tik-tok sort of innovation style where this is a big upgrade year we had ten then we had 10s now we’re gonna have eleven I guess and iPhone 11 is pretty promising and a lot of this for me is specifically because of how much I like the new iPad pro I think that was actually legit my favorite piece of tech introduced in 2018 I like it that much so that has me with all these high hopes for the iPhone so I’m not so secretly hoping that the new iPhone has that like really industrial boxy sort of design I’m also hoping that maybe this is the first year that we get 120 Hertz display in the iPhone just like we have in the iPad pros I am hoping that maybe we also get a USB type-c port in the new iPhone if they’re willing to do it on the iPad maybe they’re willing to do in the iPhone I don’t know and then naturally we’ve come to expect high-end performance and iPhones a lot of people don’t know this but the one terabyte iPad pro has six gigs of RAM maybe we’ll see a high end terabyte iPhone 11 with six gigs ooh there’s always these things that I see in the iPad pro that I want in the iPhone and I also realize I’m definitely setting myself up for major disappointment here because there’s no way most of these things happen but nevertheless that’s another phone I’m looking forward to and then just all the other unique smartphone things that we’re expecting to see we just got those foldable smart phone announcements I made a whole video about the possible applications of that that could be cool and is everyone else trying to find ways to differentiate themselves and maybe not have a notch maybe this next pixel not having a notch will make me really happy to and then the Mac Pro the long overdue upgrade of this little trashcan machine here that Apple promised that they’re going to do now the weird thing that Apple keeps doing is before they upgrade something that’s long overdue just like this they continue selling it for full price in the Apple Store you should not buy this Mac Pro now but you can write now if you want to but Apple in a very rare fashion because they never do this before a product is announced but they’ve they’ve promised a full-size real modular desktop Mac Pro and I am really excited for that and this is mostly coming from the video editor maker side of me that you know I’ve been using the iMac pro for the better part of the last year and it’s been amazing it’s a you know 18 core Xeon ship 128 gigs of ram it’s got a 4 terabyte SSD renders are fast performance is excellent it’s amazing but it’s not a full size desktop and it’s not modular and I can never upgrade it and also like reaching around the back to the ports behind it trying to plug stuff in is kind of a pain to minor detail but a new tower Mac Pro if they decide to make it that but basically a full-size modular desktop will let me try out different video cards try out different internal parts add internal parts all these different things that you haven’t been able to do with a desktop Mac in a very long time has me really excited and there’s also the small small possibility of them also launching a monitor like a pro monitor to go with it I used to be for the longest time a dual monitor person and I want to be a dual monitor person but there’s just no monitor that you can put next to an iMac Pro that looks right it just doesn’t seem to match up so if they launch that new desktop Mac Pro I will definitely be using dual monitors again and maybe they’ll make a monitor too and then just generally there’s electric cars that’s sort of a big banner that’s not any one specific product but I think starting at CES which is that’s next week CES is next week Wow so starting at CES there’s gonna be most likely a lot of electric cars and sort of throughout the arc of the year we’ll start to see more and more manufacturers electrifying versions of their cars maybe even their whole lineup and that’s kind of a big reason why I started the auto focus series is so we can look into that and see if they’re actually any good also this year we’re expecting to see Tesla Model why the the announcement the reveal something like that seeing what it’s made of the design it’s sort of the the Tesla Model 3 of the SUV world and I would also complete their 3xy lineup for 2018 probably go through production hell again for that but definitely worth it and maybe they’ll test-drive roadsters maybe probably not maybe but then last but not least is CES out there in Las Vegas next week which is crazy basically the best thing you guys can do is if you see articles or things that you’re interested in that are at CES I’ll be out there tweeting at me I’ll see if I can find them I’ll be out there with a camera so I can point the camera at it and see if it’s actually worth its salt there’s gonna be electric car stuff gaming stuff probably a lot of vaporware that’ll never come to fruition but still cool it’ll look at just cuz that’s the kind of tech that shows up at CES so yeah that there’s just a lot of stuff on the horizon worth looking forward to that should be exciting for 2019 tick I was gonna put 5g on this list but I’m not as optimistic that that’s a 2019 thing some manufacturers have committed to it but I think that’s a little further out also I was gonna say air power but I think as many times as we joke about that it’s probably never gonna come out ever but let me know which of the things we talked about in this video you’re most excited about again for me personally it’s probably that new Mac Pro either way thanks for watching catch you guys in the next one peace

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