20 Realities You Must Accept Before You Can Truly Live Your Best Life

1. People come and go.

As I flourished older, I recognized my clique of friends became smaller. You’ll be so close to one person today, and suddenly you aren’t talking anymore. It’s life. People flourish apart rather than grow as an integrated part of you. Admit that and move on. Making me to my next object 😛 TAGEND

2. Every lesson has a price to pay.

There is no free lunch, ever. You have to pay for it one way or another. People leave for a reason, so learn from that and move on. Take that as a learning process. Some broken rapports might be a blessing in masquerade even if you don’t see it at the moment. You may be injured, but you might be the one injure someone else. When such relationships purposes, it will hurt. And it’s okay to cry. Bawl your eyes out. Nonetheless, after those weepings, get your ass up and is moving forward. You can look back, and do it. Because it’s when you learn the lessons you paid with this relationship to learn. So learn it well. Appear back, but recollect: Never ever tell it affect you so much better you can’t move forward in life.

3. Keep people who care close to your heart.

These people are hard to come by. Generally, if anyone behaves to gracious towards you, they want something in return. You know who are true only when you fuck up. People who stick with you through your bullshit are very. That’s it. People who leave? Tell them. There’s no point dwelling on absurdity like that. It’s not worth your emotions.

4. A relation takes effort.

You need to constantly make an effort to nurture that r/ s. Don’t neglect person because you think they will always be there. No, they won’t. As day legislates, you drift apart and that is how everything tumbles downhill. If you treasure that relationship, establish it. Devote every friendship your 100% and don’t be afraid to get hurt. Because even though they are it doesn’t work out, you know you’ve done the best you are able to. You did everything in your strength and you have no regrets whatsoever.

5. Grass is greener where you water it.

You will often look at your peers, cousins, colleagues and close friends light-green with resentment. They’ve got those achievements you don’t have, their own lives looks perfect. Or maybe that’s what you think. Everyone have their struggles no matter how great it appears. You never know. Just concentrate on your patch of grass, water it well, and it will grow longer and greener as periods pass. Nothing comes easy, you have to work for your shit.

6. You can’t please everyone.

Never. You cannot. Do things you affection, go all out. Say what you say, do what you do. You do you, and in case there is people who hates whatever you’re doing, tell them. People who matters will not maintenance, and people who caution, don’t matter. Don’t change yourself to delight them, because they will not be contented. There will always be something for people to talk about. Nonetheless, you need to know who to please to draw your life easier.

7. Build meaningful the reports and construct it well. Know who to delight.( Boss, speaker etc. you’ll needed most)

By pleasing I don’t mean full on sucking on their balls and maybe even their dick.( You get what I represent .) No. I mean talk to them, know what they like, and what they don’t like. Run out for lunch with them. Don’t exit sucking up to them, though. No one likes that. Just be there. Your existence necessitate everything. As duration proceeds, attachments and relationships will be formed. Make sure you structure it well. And it will do you good.

8. You. Need. Connections.

Get out, get to know people. Interact even though you loathe it. We all need to start somewhere. Do volunteer, internships, and part-time chores even if it means you’re doing the unpleasant projects. Know names, take business card, put your figure out there and make sure you make an impression. Why? Because when you go out there and do shit, you’ll need these people. It’s easier to get to where you want to go when people already know who you are. So do yourself a favor.

9. No. One. Cares.

Stop. Complaining. About. How. Much. Your. Life. Sucks. Earnestly, literally no one cares. So if it sucks that much, do something about it. The ball is in your court. You make a self-conscious decision to do something, you will be prepared to bear whatever consequences that comes together with it. Because at the end of the day, you’re responsible for yourself. No one will give worm poop about you.

10. No one owes you shit.

You are under an obligation to yourself. Your mothers don’t owe you anything, your leaders don’t owe you anything, and your lecturers don’t owe you anything. You require something? You work hard and pay it. Don’t expect anyone to do anything for you. If they do, it’s a privilege , not an entitlement. Remember that.

11. Physical image isn’t everything. It’s how “youre carrying” yourself.

I’d rather someone adoration me for my personality and knowledge than my seems. Carry yourself with respect, trust and kindness, all will be well. You insure people talking shit about a pretty face with an nasty personality, but you never envision people talking shit about someone who has an awesome personality but a below average impression. As you grow older, you really realize, your physical image actually DOESN’T MATTER.

12. Your pride is not everything.

It’s not. Your stupid dignity isn’t worth shit. Set that pride down, and apologize when it’s needed. Friendships and relationships are worth far more than your stupid pride. Even if you hate your boss, you place that pride down and you say good morning when you encounter him. Because if you don’t say it, what do you think you’ll get out from it? Your useless pride and health risks of getting on that grumpy ass boss’s bad back. Not worth it.

13. You’re simply genuinely happy when you make peace with yourself.

Don’t look at others for validation. You’re going to be let down very often. Support yourself. Same exits for merriment. Don’t rely on anyone for merriment, you’re going to inevitably be let down. Affection yourself. And be certain. It’s sexy as fucking. I’m fat? Great! Do you know how difficult it is to maintain a body fat percentage like that without it increasing or declining ?! It takes hard work. Eating donuts at 12 am isn’t easy when you need sleep too, okay?

14. Don’t be afraid of ridicule.

People are bound to judge. They will pass comments. And they will not care about how “youre feeling”. Learn to laugh at yourself, you’ll find exuberance in that. Don’t not take what they say to heart. Analyze, and if it’s bullcrap, hurl that away in the bin. Tell them do them, and you do you! Use your actions and achievements to substantiate them incorrect. However, do remember to take in constructive disapproval. That’s how you grow.

15. Life is never fair. Never.

You work as hard as someone but they get what they crave and you don’t? Suck it up. Life isn’t fair, and it will never be. Work hard-handed, and if you work hard enough, you will get to whatever it is you want to be. Eventually.

16. Live by what you believe in, regardless.

Stick to your values and do not get swayed. You believe in second chances? Make that probability. You want to be vegan? Do exactly that. You want to be kind to people who least deserves it? Be kind as fuck. Don’t change who you are for someone who can’t admit you for you.

17. Count your blessings.

Always. Always. Always. You’ll never get everything you want in life, but that’s life. Be contented with what you have, and you will be happy. There will always be someone better, richer, more attractive. You’ll never prevail, so don’t. Strive for the most wonderful version of yourself , not the best of someone else.

18. Choose your battles wisely.

We all have our own duels to campaigned every single era. But prefer it wisely. Is it worth fighting for? It is worth bruising your arm and cutting your knee? Prioritize. Also, very importantly, count your success. A small-minded taken forward is a huge step in achieving what it is you want to achieve.

19. Always take a step back and panorama things from a different perspective.

There’s always two parts of the narration. Always, always emphasize rather than sympathize. Throw yourself in their shoes and understand why they do what they did. Take a step back and look at the bigger painting that is in front of you. More than often, we read things how we want them to be even though in most cases, it isn’t what our subconscious built it out to be. Underscore, it’s a very empowering placed of skill.

20. Be kind. Always.

Even if people take it for awarded. Be kind. Kindness extends a long way.


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