10 Insane Facts About Donald Trump’s Security

[Music] love him or hate him it’s unquestionable that the presidency of Donald Trump is unprecedented in about every possible way of all the many ways he stood out from previous presidents his security is among the most eye-opening the money being thrown around to protect himself his family and his assets is mind-boggling no matter what side of the political fence Iran check out these ten crazy facts about President Trump security and see for yourself obviously every president will receive top-notch security and that means shelling out the big box protecting President Obama and his family for example cost on average around 16 million dollars per year according to the conservative think tank Judicial Watch President Trump meanwhile quickly made that amount look like mere pocket change after the first 100 days of the trump presidency reports of his security cost became public and the figures were astounding according to the LA Times protecting the president and his family cost an unreal twenty nine point four million dollars while Trump certainly has a bigger family to protect than Obama that doesn’t completely explain how in just 14 weeks his security cos nearly doubled what his predecessors cost in a year sensing that these kinds of cos would continue in May 2017 Congress budgeted a whopping 120 million dollars to protect Trump and his family for a year that’s just a few million bucks shy of what it costs to protect Obama for all eight years of his term so if it’s not just a family thing what else explains the extravagant costs for one thing Trump and his family take far more international flights than previous presidents did plus the president’s controversial nature likely makes him more of a security concern than Obama even george w bush ever were as previously mentioned President Trump has a bigger family to protect than previous presidents unlike the previous several presidents who merely had one or two young children plus a spouse Trump security protects himself his wife their five children four of whom are grown his children three spouses and his eight grandchildren that’s 18 people in all which on its own would equal quite a bit more security money than a smaller brood however it doesn’t stop there Trump doesn’t need just protection for his extended family he needs it for his extended estates unlike most presidents who live in the White House and that’s it Trump splits his time between at least three different homes in addition to the White House he racks up a bill of roughly twenty-eight million dollars per year to protect Trump Tower in New York City that cost isn’t just due to the massive security surrounding the building but also because for a time Melania and Barron Trump would regularly fly to Trump Tower usually via private jet each flight cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars then there’s the infamous mar-a-lago estate in Palm Beach Florida where the president regularly spends weekends the first seven weekends of the trump presidency resulted in a bill of roughly 11 million dollars between security and the cost of flying Air Force One back and forth what’s more for a while Melania with jet from New York to Palm Beach every weekend at a total cost of around 1.5 million dollars it’s unusual for a presidential hopeful to have security in any form unless they’re still in the race 120 days prior to the election at which point they’re afforded Secret Service protection Trump didn’t feel the need to wait being a public figure for decades before his presidential run he had long before established his own private security force he still asked for and received Secret Service protection a whole year before winning the presidency so right out of the gate protecting Trump cost more than the average candidate having Secret Service by his side didn’t stop Trump from retaining his own force on top of what Washington provided him meaning that for over a year at least Trump had security in both the public and private sector and those private sectors didn’t come cheap according to Trump’s campaign committee Donald J Trump for president incorporated spent over $260,000 on various private security firms between October 20th and november 28th of that amount almost $165,000 went to a firm called X mark and over half that came from November 14th to the 23rd a reminder that Trump had Secret Service and all its attached costs fully and completely watching his back for over a year by this point that doesn’t seem to be much word on whether or not Trump has retained private security since taking office even if he hasn’t the bill to keep him and his family safe remains as expensive as ever security is expensive enough but what about mere travel costs as it turns out president Trump’s travel expenses alone are enough to break the federal bank as the right-leaning think-tank Judicial Watch reported in January 2018 the first year of Trump’s presidency saw travel bill of over 13 million dollars more to the point trumps travel cost thirteen million five hundred thirty-three thousand nine hundred thirty-seven dollars and 28 cents for just a single year this included Trump’s frequent golf excursions such as his trips to his own bed minster golf club a single trip there cost taxpayers fifteen thousand nine hundred ninety four dollars per hour the vast majority of these expenses came in the first six months as judicial watch reports that between June of 2017 and January 2018 Trump’s travel costs were three million one hundred ninety nine thousand one hundred eighty eight dollars and thirty cents no word just yet on what his year to travel costs were but it’s highly likely figures will remain roughly similar there’s always going to be a debate on president Trump security costs here in the United States but elsewhere liking Great Britain it’s less debate and more flat on outrage in July 2018 Trump arrived in Britain for a visit that was just as much about pleasure as it was for business whatever the reason however the majority of Brits were displeased by the visit to say the least especially once they learned how much it was going to cost them due to all the security and policing necessary to guard a president as controversial as Trump the UK was looking at a bill of over five million pounds or almost six point five million dollars and since the president included leisure in his trip including a round of golf at the Scotland course that he himself owns many Brits saw it as their tax money being wasted on guarding a leader who isn’t theirs while he plays golf as he might have expected such anger invited mass protests which in turn forced a police presence that the country hadn’t seen since the riots of 2011 luckily nothing violent happened in 2018 let’s hope all future visits by Trump and other prominent figures are the same way whether you support it or not the fact remains that there is an ongoing large-scale investigation by former FBI Director Robert Muller into various possible violations of the law by President Trump and his associates it’s an extensive investigation for sure but it appears the subject of it cost the taxpayers far more than the actual investigation in June 2018 The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump has spent tons of money in both flight costs and security simply going to mar-a-lago for weekend getaways if you go by judicial watch’s estimate that each trip costs roughly 1 million dollars for Air Force one travel and Secret Service protection and that between February of 2017 and April 28 Team Trump had visited mar-a-lago 17 times that means 17 million dollars in costs for just one of the president’s regular activities in contrast according to a March 2018 Associated Press report the Moller investigation had cost taxpayers around 17 million dollars already the to costs are roughly equal but you have to consider that mar-a-lago trips come imbedded with many extra costs such as air lifting limousines and other equipment as well as extra military protection outside of the Secret Service once you consider those costs Trump’s total mar-a-lago bill is almost certainly far greater than molars investigation bill the total amount is officially unknown but the website cheat sheet estimates these trips cost as much as forty million dollars that’s on top of how much tax money has gone to Mara Lago trips since March 2018 plus once you add in everything else Trump related that requires travel and security molars investigation gets positively dwarfed by how much the president costs of course only time will tell whether or not molars investigation yields any consequential results or if it winds up being to use a popular political term as of late a nothing burger one thing’s for sure however it still won’t cost nearly as much as making sure the president and his family are safe like many politicians Donald Trump enjoys golf that said it seems that his golfing trips aren’t just more frequent than others but they’re far more expensive in April 2018 the website cheat sheet released a blow-by-blow breakdown of just how much president Trump’s golfing excursions have cost taxpayers since he took office overall in just about 15 months these trips cost almost 56 million dollars that includes 27 million in Merrell ago flights plus 13 million in security there 9 million for flights to his club in Bedminster New Jersey and several million dollars in security from MA foresman on top of his usual Secret Service protection speaking of the Secret Service when the president’s is golfing they need to keep up meaning they need their own golf carts that’s another $100,000 or so right there what’s more according to cheat sheet rarely does the president use these golf trips to conduct official business he doesn’t meet with too many politicians largely preferring to play with athletes or business folks instead should President Trump get re-elected and keep this pace up by 2020 for his golf trips will cost an estimated 400 million dollars by contrast as reported by Judicial Watch President Obama’s Family excursions and golf trips cost taxpayers ninety seven million dollars over eight years all opinions aside there’s a market difference between these two figures just because Donald Trump relocated to Washington DC for work doesn’t mean he abandoned his beloved Trump Tower in New York City on the contrary his home there is as relevant as ever and keeping it safe and secure is perhaps unsurprisingly quite expensive according to a December 2017 Bloomberg breakdown it costs roughly one hundred forty nine thousand dollars a day for the NYPD and Trump tower staff to protect Trump Tower however that’s only when the president isn’t there when he is Federal Security gets involved and daily cost ballooned to about three hundred eight thousand dollars all in all it’s estimated that security costs for Trump Tower now total around fifty eight million dollars per year a figure that isn’t likely to change much even after the towers namesake leaves office after all once a president and prominent political figure always a president and prominent political figure [Music] president Trump isn’t the only member of his family to incur sizeable security costs when his children travel for business they need protection too and that does not come cheap Trump’s two adult sons Eric and Donald Jr have taken several business trips it’s Trump senior took office for just five of those trips Ireland Scotland Canada Dubai in the Dominican security and travel cost around 1.3 five million dollars in February 2017 alone their trips to Dubai in the Dominican ran up a $250,000 bill what’s more there’s concern among some that those trips weren’t related to presidential business at all but rather concerned Trump’s private sector ventures that might amount to a conflict of interest the Dubai trip centered around the opening of a new Trump golf course while their Dominican trip concerned the family’s efforts to open a trump branded resort down there on his own Donald Jr has also racked up a sizable security bill in November 2018 official Mintz revealed that his February trip to India meant to sell the nation on Trump branded luxury condos cost taxpayers nearly $100,000 in security and travel the overall bill for keeping President Trump and his family safe and secure also extends to his children’s leisure time whether voters and taxpayers agree with it or not in March 2017 the president’s three adult children Eric Don jr. navantia took a trip to Aspen Colorado for a Spring Break getaway there was no business conducted as this was merely a fun ski trip for the president’s children and grandchildren however it was still the president’s family so they required as much protection as any other time over 100 Secret Service agents came along for the weekend trip and that plus other travel related costs resulted in reported bill of over two hundred twenty-three thousand dollars [Music] [Music] you

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