10 Car Crash Survivors Pose Proudly For A Chilling Photo Project To Raise Awareness About Seatbelt Safety

Shocking likeness of the searing injuries that seatbelts can leave behind after a accident are being celebrated as survival badges of reputation, and depicting the important role played by belting up.

The initiative is part of an NZ Transport Agency( NZTA) campaign to shorten the number of deaths on NZ streets. According to them, 90 people die per year because they weren’t wearing their seatbelt, most of whom are young men in rural areas. The tackling likeness are of 10 real-life crash survivors, whose post-crash harms were recreated by the SFX make-up company PROFX.

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Liam Bethell

Image credits: ourproductionteam

Kahutia Foster

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“A seatbelt genuinely does leave a mark like this, ” emergency medical specialist Dr. Natasha McKay, who supported her expertise to the project, excused. “They will save your life, but they will leave you a trade mark to demonstrate how they’ve done it.”

Dion Perry

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The campaign has been shown on billboards around the country, with the survivors liberating emotional videos that tell their story. The purpose is to get people sharing their own survival narrations, emphasizing the positive effect of seatbelts and the delight of being alive to tell the tale.

Dan Mason

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NZTA, who worked closely with marketing communications company Clemenger BBDO, was looking to change the attitudes of some men, who consider the seatbelt as an optional additional rather than a life-saving requisite. “We’re selling an unwanted produce to these guys, ” spokesperson Rachel Prince told Designboom. “Research were to say they think seatbelt letters are for kids, for the elderly, for everyone else. We worked with them to acquire the undesirable something they wanted to buy.”

Rick Haira

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Dylan Chirnside

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Back in 2014, Willy Carberry’s car crashed into a power pole at hasten before turning over onto its side. He merely survived the horrible coincidence because he was wearing his seatbelt, and he had the trauma marks across his chest to prove it.

Willy Carberry

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“F *** ing put a seatbelt on, ” was his blunt message to guys who think they are invincible. In an interview with stuff.co.nz, he stressed that fate can be out of your hands when you’re out on the road, it’s not inevitably going to be a fault of your own that leads to a accident. “”It doesn’t matter how short the journey is. You never know who’s going to come out of the intersection and t-bone ya, or overrule out of a driveway, or an old lady going down the road, having a stroke.”

James Mcdonald

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“If you don’t wear it, you’re gambling with your life, if you ask me.”

Will Giles

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James Liberona-Feek

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Check out some of the survivors’ hard-hitting and psychological videos below

Image credits: NZTransportAgency

Here’s what people had to say- numerous shared their own stories

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